2016-2020 Saba Housing Vision plan

2016-2020 Saba Housing Vision plan

This innovative project implemented in Saba is a sequel to the Housing Vision 2012-2015 with the same objective: providing a framework to be able to meet the housing need of Saba residents in the years to come. It aims to support the improvement of the living conditions of low income residents and reduce poverty on the island as well as help vulnerable groups in the society, in particular single mothers.

The program provides adequate and accessible infrastructure and services for socially deprived groups, supplying houses befitting the needs, and to establish a framework to meet th.e housing needs of Saba’s residents in the following years, ensuring a future-proof housing environment. An adequate organization is necessary to undertake the actions aimed at a supply of houses befitting the need and a future-proof social housing situation and physical housing environment.

Support, coming from both EDF 9 and EDF 10, is implemented via the sector budget support modality from December 2013 until December 2020 and is about EUR 2.8 million.

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