Adding Value to Falkland Islands Products and Services

Adding Value to Falkland Islands Products and Services

The thought of someone somewhere in the world buying a Falkland’s product because of its origins and its reputation for quality and sustainability is our vision for Falkland products. The Falklands produces many high quality products such as wool, lamb, toothfish (pictured) and calamari, however Falklands businesses are not always able to take the opportunity to enhance their products through adding value. The aim is to add value through processing, identifying new markets and international marketing.

The Falkland Islands aim to recruit industry experts to identify value adding opportunities, identify new and niche markets and develop an international marketing strategy for Falklands’ wool, meat, fish and squid. This information will be provided to businesses in the relevant sectors to make strategic decisions regarding their product. The Falkland Islands Development Corporation will then be on hand to assist businesses on their chosen path with business advice and financial support.

To successfully reach the vision would fill many islanders with a sense of pride. How we farm, how we manage our fishery and how we conduct business is not an occupation, but our way of life. Our culture and our economy are closely intertwined and our ambition is to showcase the Falkland Islands as a producer of world class products.

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