Aruba: Best practice in Islands

Aruba: Best practice in Islands

It is truly inspiring to see the great work on innovation by our colleagues in Aruba.

OCTA Innovation Manager Bianca Peters, heading Bureau Innovation, is facilitating the Innovation through biweekly Lunchbytes sessions, where specific innovation topics are focused upon and discussed. These sessions have contributed to the Kick-Off event called Inspiring Session. The theme of this Inspiring Session was focused on startups and the creative/innovative role these play in a society. These are leading to the TEDxAruba event that will be held on the 23rd September in Oranjestad, Aruba, Island of Sustainable Solutions.

TEDxAruba event is in a very effective way bringing together private and public actors. This should serve as an example of how to bring fresh ideas and innovation to island communities, and inspire many more OCTA Innovation Managers.


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