Bonaire AlgaeParc, exemplary of the STI approach

Bonaire AlgaeParc, exemplary of the STI approach

AlgaePARC sustainable microalgae project is executed on Bonaire in cooperation with the University of Wageningen. This innovative project is exemplary of the STI approach as it transfers knowledge to Bonaire Island, contributes to sustainable economic development, creates jobs and also will lead to a better environment.

The project intends to increase the level of food production and economic diversification in Bonaire through the sustainable production of microalgae. The action is a collaboration between the Government of Bonaire and Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), a leading institution in this field. A specific objective is the development of an advanced technology for stand-alone production of algal products, Bonaire AlgaePARC, embarking on algae production to generate jobs and income and help Bonaire become less dependent on tourism.

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