British Virgin Islands: Financial Services Implementation Unit

British Virgin Islands: Financial Services Implementation Unit

In his mission to the British Virgin Islands, OCTA Innovation Team Leader Milan Jezic von Gesseneck met Mr Kedrick Malone, Director of Financial Services Implementation Unit at Premier’s Office (Government of the Virgin Islands). Mr Malone is former Director of BVI office in London, and one of the OCTA executive members highly involved in the innovation promotion since the inception of OCTA Innovation project. He was particularly involved as BVI Premier Orlando Smith was Chairman of OCTA in 2014-2015. He is currently leading a special unit of professionals charged with delivering the recommendations of the BVI Financial Services Consultancy which sets out the initiatives to chart a new course for the financial services industry of the BVI.

Premier Dr Orlando Smith stated, “The creation of the Financial Services Implementation Unit is indicative of the much needed emphasis being placed on securing the future of the financial services industry. While the new team under the astute leadership of Mr. Kedrick Malone is responsible for delivering on their mandate, the success of their mission depends largely on the cooperation of the sectors they will be working with during the implementation phase.”

Underscoring the need for the cooperation of all stakeholders, Honourable Smith added, “Solving the issues at hand is vital to the future and longevity of our financial services industry and the livelihood of our community. It will require all of us – public and private sectors, government and opposition, local and expatriate practitioners, local and international stakeholders and the entire BVI community to work together to build a brighter and sustainable future for the Virgin Islands.”

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