British Virgin Islands: entrepreneurs are supported

British Virgin Islands: entrepreneurs are supported

Get off a business is a long journey, and takes hard work, a little luck and various support, everywhere. The Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean first opened its doors to entrepreneurs in Jamaica in 2011. Since then it has assisted over 180 entrepreneurs to launch or scale their businesses for long-term success.

The Centre has decided to enlarge its support to BVI entrepreneurs: Virgin Unite, foundator of the Branson Centre, has set up a loan fund for early stage entrepreneurs in the British Virgin Islands. The entrepreneurs have access to a set of services:

  • World-class training via Branson Centre Caribbean Online
  • Practical and focused in-person workshops 
  • results-driven mentorship relationship facilitated and monitored by KPMG
  • Access to a pro-bono bank of professional services.

The first recruitment for budding entrepreneurs was launched in January 2016.

The whole business services and the application form is available at the Branson Centre online.



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