Brussels is buzzing

Brussels is buzzing

OCT Buzz events rise the visibility of individual OCT, or a group of OCTs, to Brussels’ audiences. These events are built upon innovative and creative initiatives within the OCTs and they aim is to put across the uniqueness of the OCT.

The OCT Buzz events are Brussels-based events combined with video webstream/multimedia from the co-hosting OCT. Preference is given to venues within the EU Institutions. They also serve to strengthen links between the OCTs and the European Union.

The objective of OCT Buzz is to present the OCTs and their current issues to Brussels’ audiences. OCT Buzz speakers include high-level government representatives from the OCTs (i.e. Prime Minister, Ministers) and representatives of OCT innovation stakeholders (business, academia, agencies) directly via weblink or video messages. Brussels speakers include representatives of: the EU Commission, European Parliament, associated Member States, EU representatives of the OCTs and OCTA Innovation.

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