BRUZZ Pitcairn in November 2017

BRUZZ Pitcairn in November 2017

Recent visit from Pitcairn’s Innovation Manager Leslie Jaques in Brussels concluded in the agreement to have an OCTA Innovation BRUZZ dedicated to Pitcairn in November 2017. This BRUZZ will be held either in External Cooperation InfoPoint or in Press Club Brussels. Leslie Jaques Councillor from the Government of the Pitcairn Islands and Innovation Manager in cooperation with OCTA Innovation will invite the Brussels audience for a direct talk.

OCTA Innovation BRUZZ is a Brussels-based Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) platform promoting visibility of OCTs among a wide public. BRUZZ is an opportunity for audiences both in Brussels and Europe to learn more about an individual OCT.

The objective is to raise the awareness of OCTs among diverse and/or targeted audiences in order to generate interest and support for issues of importance to specific OCTs. By making the OCTs better known in Brussels and European circles, partnerships between the OCTs and both EU public and private stakeholders are forged and investment opportunities opened.

BRUZZ is highly effective in heightening the visibility of OCTs using tailored messages, targeted outreach (invitations, illustrations, photo and video), the latest technology and online engagement tools, exceptional venues and invitations to high-level speakers to create a lot of buzz and long-term opportunities.

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