Bureau of Innovation in Aruba

Bureau of Innovation in Aruba

Aruba expressed its serious commitment to becoming the most innovative island in the Caribbean the moment the Ministry of General Affairs established a Bureau of Innovation (BI). In the second term of Prime Minister Mike Eman’s  administration, the Ministry of General affairs was extended with Innovation, Sustainable Development and Science. This was institutionalized in 2014 with the establishment of a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to strategically develop, support and advice on the areas of social-, technological- and economical innovation for the benefit of Aruba’s vision to create sustainable and shared prosperity.

Having a Bureau of Innovation is unique as Aruba is the only island and OCT to have such a think-tank within the government. BI translates worldwide developments to opportunities, gaps and challenges for Aruba’s endeavor to create a sustainable society.

When realizing initiatives, BI works from a ‘triple helix way of working’ (i.e. government/private sector/knowledge centra) to make it as sustainable as possible
Among projects executed by BI are TEDXAruba; Green’S’Cool (educating the next generation on the importance of living green and instill environmentally friendly behaviors among Aruban citizens) and Start-up Aruba (private-public initiative to co-create and facilitate the development of a sustainable technology and startup ecosystem in Aruba). BI also advises different Ministries, departments, businesses, NGO’s and other stakeholders on innovation- and sustainability topics.

Considering the above-described projects, one can consider BI a department within a company that is in charge of new developments. In the case of BI, the company happens to be the Government of Aruba. This position enables BI to not only make an impact on a national level but permits the dissemination of knowledge to ensure sustainable progress – which is the true mission of BI.

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