WEB Aruba – Flywheel project

WEB Aruba – Flywheel project


On November 4th WEB Aruba N.V. organized the groundbreaking of their Flywheel project, a system that creates a buffer for sustainable energy. This Flywheel can absorb fluctuations from sustainable energy sources creating more stability in energy production and distribution, increasing the overall efficiency of the electrical grid.

Ministers Mike Eman and Mike de Meza where present at the groundbreaking, accompanied by CEO – COO of WEB Aruba N.V., Luis Oduber, Franklin Hoevertsz, managing director of Utilities Aruba N.V, Eric Murray, President and CEO of Temporal Power Ltd and several invitees.


Business Challenge: Achieving High Renewable Generation Reliance Reliably

 In an effort to dramatically reduce their GHG output and increase energy self-sufficiency, WEB Aruba has committed to increase their reliance on renewable generation. Ensuring grid stability, which will be a hallmark of the tourist experience, while both generation and customer loads are increasing in variability is a complex challenge. This challenge is made all the more difficult since Aruba is working in parallel to reduce their emissions from fossil generation, the historic source of grid stability services.


Solution: Phased Deployment of Flywheel to Match Renewables Adoption

Aruba is installing a new Integrated Generation Management System (IGMS) which will optimize existing assets to maximize the use of renewable generation and optimize fuel efficiency from existing base load generation on the island, and leverage Temporal Power flywheels to provide immediate grid stability by systemically storing and injecting energy onto the grid to smooth out anomalies.

Rapidly responding, short-term storage and injection of energy allows WEB to set fossil generation for optimum efficiency and GHG emissions while maximizing their use of renewable generation and ensuring their customers aren’t impacted by the fluctuations usually experienced with renewable energy integration. The ability for flywheels to continually cycle with no degradation in performance is crucial to success of this strategy.

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OCTA Innovation Issue 23 / 2016 – Brussels’ Bruzz

OCTA Innovation Issue 23 / 2016 – Brussels’ Bruzz


OCTA Innovation Bruzz is a Brussels-based Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) engagement and recognition platform. Bruzz is an opportunity to present an OCT and an OCT’s theme to Brussels & European audiences.

The objective is to ensure awareness of the OCTs to broad and/or targeted audiences in order to generate interest and support for the issues of importance to the particular OCT. Bringing OCTs into Brussels & European private and public sector, business and investment opportunities, enforces recognition and drives actions to raise OCTs to the level of partnership for the EU public and private stakeholders.

Bruzz is highly effective in enforcing visibility and recognition of the OCTs. Building highly tailored messages, segmented and targeted outreach (invitations, illustrations, photo and video), having extensive, using latest technology and engagement online tools, having exceptional venues, high-level speakers and audiences all add strength to the event and create a lot of short term buzz and long-term opportunities around the event, is a recipe for success.

Read newsletter.

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Aruba hosts successful 2nd edition of TEDxAruba

Aruba hosts successful 2nd edition of TEDxAruba


On September 23rd 2016, the second edition of TEDxAruba was held at the Cas di Cultura in Oranjestad, with this year’s theme centered around the question of “What if…?”

This theme inspired questions in the realms of technology, education and design as well as innovative answers. Speakers ranged from a Susan Piver, a New York Times best-selling author, who’s message conveyed the importance of mediation for the modern world; an Andrea Sanders, the director and founder of Be Zero, lobbying for zero-waste households, to Indra Zaandam, culture enthusiast and advisor to the Ministry of Tourism of Aruba, who discussed the possibility of putting culture first, highlighting the importance of locals promoting cultural excellence. During the event it was also announced that TEDxAruba won a Business, Innovation and Creativity Award, issued by OCTA Innovation.


Speaker Highlights

The first speaker of the day was Aruban windsurfing treasure, Sarah-Quita Offringa. Her talk was titled: What if it takes a village to make a Sarah-Quita? She explained how it actually took 3 ‘villages’ to help mold her in to the success that she is today. The Aruban community, her community in the Netherlands, and the people she met on her international journey. An important message that she wanted to give to parents was to “keep raising talents”. Clearly her talk resonated with the room, because she received an overwhelming applause!

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OCTA Innovation Bruzz: Live in Brussels

OCTA Innovation Bruzz: Live in Brussels


Visibility and recognition of Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) are growing in Brussels. OCTA Innovation, EU funded, initiates OCTs to Brussels’ business and EU related stakeholders. OCTs are important associates to the European Union and should play a major role in EU as they are often places where concrete bottom-up innovation happens, driven by opportunities for business growth, education and creativity. OCTA Innovation brings forth these furthest parts of the EU member states and strengthening OCT-EU Partnership.

Furthermore, making OCTs highly recognisable in Brussels strengthens cooperation on possible projects and initiatives, drives investment, research, education and innovation. Visibility of OCTs supports their positioning and brand in Brussels, as EU-related places that offer diversity to the Union.

OCTA Innovation is organizing a series of events, OCTA BRUZZ, under this common theme. These events are built upon innovative and creative energies coming directly from the OCTs and they showcase the uniqueness of the OCTs. They solidify the direct links between Brussels and the OCTs, Brussels audiences and OCT audiences, Brussels businesses and OCT businesses. We invite all to visit OCTs and to witness at the first hand this innovation and creativity. Your visits are the best support for the OCTs, raising local consumption, helping businesses in raising production, provision of services and consequentially local employment.

The first Bruzz took place on Friday, 23 September at the Permanent Representation of the Kingdom of The Netherlands on the occasion of TEDxAruba in Oranjestad. Directly connecting Aruba and Brussels high-level audiences, created Aruba buzz in Brussels, and EU buzz in Aruba. It illustrated the mutual commitment and partnership to innovation, sustainable economic development, education, technology, and many more policy and real-life areas that so strongly link Aruba and Brussels. Aruba Prime Minister, Mr Mike Eman, addressed Brussels audiences, and Mr Jean Paul Joulia of the European Commission introduced work of the EU to the TEDxAruba participants. This enhanced the Aruba-EU dialogue and setting it to grow even stronger through work of Aruba Representative at the EU, Mr Cedrick Tilma, supported by OCTA Innovation, led by Mr Milan Jezic von Gesseneck.


Aruba holds Chairmanship of the Association of Overseas Countries and Territories, which have special links with either Member States: Denmark, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. These countries are Anguilla, Aruba, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curaçao, Falkland Islands, French Polynesia, Greenland, Montserrat, New Caledonia, Pitcairn Islands, Saba, Saint Barthélémy, Saint Helena, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten, Turks and Caicos Islands and Wallis and Futuna.

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BIC Award: Bureau of Innovation

BIC Award: Bureau of Innovation


The first BIC (Business, Innovation, Creativity) Award has been presented to Bureau of Innovation for propelling Innovation in Aruba through multiple innovative and creative activities such as TEDxAruba.

BIC Award, validated by Janice Panton MBE President by OCTAssociation Executive Committee, was presented by Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, Team Leader of OCTA Innovation, to Cedrick Tilma, Representative of the Government of Aruba at the EU.

Bureau of Innovation (BI) is the Aruban creative think thank within the Ministry of General Affairs, Innovation, Sustainable Development and Science. BI develops, supports and advises on the areas of social, technical and economical innovation for the benefit of a sustainable society. BI strives towards sustainable well-being for everyone in Aruba.

Bianca Peters, Director of the Bureau of Innovation: “Within the vision of Aruba to become a 100% sustainable society, we see the need to focus on startups, on young entrepreneurs who think outside the box and find solutions to challenges in the development towards a sustainable society. A very important development for Aruba is to give the younger generation and recent graduates the opportunity to remain in Aruba to exploit their creativity and build on them thereby a future here.”

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Bianca Peters, Innovation Manager, Director of Innovation Bureau, Aruba

Bianca Peters, Innovation Manager, Director of Innovation Bureau, Aruba


Dream: Create a Sustainable Planet

Dare: I followed this dream all the way from a very small town in Holland where I often played in the woods, and where I first learned to appreciate nature. My studies on facility management with specializations on strategic management and business psychology helped me to oversee the consequences of big choices towards sustainability, to further understand how people can make a transition to a sustainable life style and how to put ideas into action. I traveled to all kinds of places on Earth to learn more about cultures, people, sustainable values and sustainable innovation. Four years ago I chose to move to that one place in the world that is really making a difference on creating a sustainable world.

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BIC Nomination – Instant recognition

BIC Nomination – Instant recognition


Recent BIC (Business, Innovation, Creativity) nomination of TEDxAruba by OCTA Innovation has already created a stir in Aruba and elsewhere. With frontage news (see below, in Dutch), BIC Award gets high visibility propelling innovation and creativity nationally, and supporting recognition of the EU Association of Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTA) and the European Union.

The objective of BIC Award is to recognise and support initiatives at the Overseas Countries and Territories.



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TEDxAruba 2016 – Programme published

TEDxAruba 2016 – Programme published


Last year’s TEDxAruba was a benchmark-setting success. The reasons for this were creativity, commitment and hard work from the TEDxAruba team, including our Innovation Manager Bianca Peters. In addition a lineup of inspiring speaker was put forward. This wealth of ideas and inspiration is apparent this year too.

Inspiring speakers for 2016 include, Sarah-Quita is a professional windsurfer from Aruba. In 2011 following back to back 2010/2011 PWA Women’s Freestyle World Championship titles wins together with winning the 2011 PWA Slalom World Championship she was nominated by the International Sailing Federation for the ISAF World Sailor of the Year Awards.

Andrea Sanders working to dramatically disrupt the amount of trash and plastic that communities generate, regardless of where they are located? This talk will focus on simple ways to start pushing a circular-based economy (zero-waste lifestyle) in favor of the linear model currently employed.

Andy Kirchner who overcame scuba diving accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Contrary to prognosis, Andy recovered and he was appointed commissioner for the national sports development foundation (FDDK) to advocate for handicapped (sport) rights. He also started his business 2ndLife Curaçao for he won the JCI IOBA Aspiring Creative Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in July 2015.

Arthur Woods will share his personal journey that led him from the front lines at Google – where he led operations for YouTube’s Education division and oversaw YouTube for Schools – to Imperative, a company he co-founded that is leading the research and innovation on purpose in the workplace.

Not less important, the entertainment portion of TEDxAruba 2016 is headed by Levi Silvan, with thought provoking lyrics fused with afro-latin grooves.

All inspiring and innovative TED talks, by international and local speakers, will explore this year’s theme: “What if…?”

Full programme.

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TEDxAruba – BUZZ in Brussels

TEDxAruba – BUZZ in Brussels


TEDxAruba is ‘coming’ to Brussel. This exceptional event, showcasing innovation at its best from Aruba and Overseas Countries and Territories will be engaging with Brussels audience on the 23rd of September 2016.

OCTA Innovation BUZZ  is specially organised for this unique occasion to enable direct engagement and share of ideas and views between high-level speakers in Aruba, such as the Prime Minister, Mike Eman, and representatives of the European Commission and other innovation and OCTs’ stakeholders in Brussels.

This year’s theme of TEDxAruba is ‘What if…’

Read more.

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Green Aruba 2016 – November 17th and 18th

Green Aruba 2016 – November 17th and 18th

Green Aruba is an annual conference born in 2010 with the specific aim to place dedicated emphasis on Aruba’s energy transition to 100% fuel independence. Besides showcasing Aruba’s progress and challenges to the accelerated penetration of renewables in the total energy mix, Green Aruba also exhibits the experiences and knowledge of other institutions and island nations in this field. Over the past six years, Green Aruba has evolved into a practical and valuable well-known platform within the region for the exchange of information and applied knowledge on sustainable and best practices for the shift to cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy sources and resources.

Green Aruba us a perfect example of innovation and creativity at Overseas Countries and Territories. Aruba is a leader in driving sustainable island growth.

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