Post-hurricane reconstruction policy introduced in BVI

Post-hurricane reconstruction policy introduced in BVI

BVI Building Authority is promoting the following considerations:

• Concrete roof designs will be fast-tracked, pending the existence or inclusion of 8” structure below roof,

• Wooden roofs with separation of main roof and porch roof shall be fast-tracked,

• Roof slope on wooden roofs should be 3:12 pitch minimum, 6 or 7:12 preferred.

The policy provides the following guidelines for reconstruction of roofs, windows, doors and shutters:

• Rafters must be 3” minimum and must be securely fastened to beams and wall plates, hurricane clips and rebar connections must be used

• Plywood decking must be lapped and secured using 2.5” minimum fasteners

• Battens must be secured using 4.5” minimum fasteners 2 per rafter minimum; these must also be spaced in accordance with manufacturer specification for the roof finish;

• Roof finish must be secured according to manufacturer specification. Additional fasteners must be used at eaves, hips and valleys

• Doors and windows should be secured with shutters. Shutters must be carefully installed using manufacturer specifications.

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Reconstruction of EU Overseas Countries and Territories hit by hurricane

Reconstruction of EU Overseas Countries and Territories hit by hurricane

This letter from the European Parliament (EP) is requesting the European Commission (EC) to treat both Sint Maarten and Saint Martin equally with regards to the EU funding they can access for the reconstruction of the entire island. The French side due to its status as a European OR has access to many EU funding sources such as the solidarity fund and the newly adopted natural disaster fund that offer financial assistance for reconstruction after natural disasters. Last Wednesday during a debate at the EP many Dutch and French MEPs reiterated the need for the equal treatment of both sides of the island. The message being that we are all EU citizens and should therefore in times of dire need be treated equally and not abandoned by the EU. The Commissioner present promised after the debate to do all within his power to help. Although this will be a long process, it is a battle worth fighting, not only for Sint Maarten, but for islands, such as, Anguilla, St. Barths, Saba, Statia, BVI and TCI that have the same status as we do on the Dutch side. We have all been hit by hurricane Irma and need to do all within our power to acquire external assistance in order to rebuild our countries in a more sustainable manner to the paradises they have always been.

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By Carol Voges

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The Caribbean after Irma

The Caribbean after Irma

It is the cost of the region’s unimaginable natural beauty that, by the caprice of fate, there is the periodic risk of ruin. There is nothing to be said of this past week’s tragedies that has not yet been said, and our hearts go out to the people who died.What needs to be said is this: the Caribbean will rebuild. Caribbean people: they cannot be defeated. They rebuild, they restore and they live again.

It will not be easy, it may not be quick, but it will happen.

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EU assistance for hit islands

EU assistance for hit islands

Hurricane Irma has left a trail of devastation across many countries…We stand in full solidarity with all those in the Caribbean… For as long as it takes. Last week we mobilised our emergency response tools and our 24/7 Emergency Response Coordination Centre has been in continuous coordination with our EU Member States on any assistance required. Today additional EU funding is on its way. We have now released an initial amount of humanitarian assistance of €2 million for the most affected islands in the Caribbean. This will help support key sectors such as water and sanitation, health, waste management and logistics. Further EU funding for reconstruction efforts is of course available in terms of longer term assistance. This new support comes on top of our EU Copernicus satellite support, which has been providing essential mapping services since last week. EU humanitarian experts deployed across the region continue to help the local authorities and coordinate aid deliveries. Let me make it clear that any country in the region can request our help through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. We stand ready to provide any further assistance to the affected countries. Read more

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An Analysis of the Art and Craft Sector and its Potential for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Caribbean

An Analysis of the Art and Craft Sector and its Potential for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Caribbean

ECLAC discusses strategies to support regional artisans in the art and craft sector. improved interaction between tourists and artisans could result in an enhanced experience for visitors, and in better livelihood opportunities for artisans, who may also benefit from new funding streams made available by public and private sector financial institutions.Read more

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TCI’s Premier in Brussels

TCI’s Premier in Brussels

Chair of the Overseas Countries and Territories Association, Honourable Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, Premier and Minister for Investment and Trade of the Turks and Caicos Islands has in cooperation with OCTA Innovation invited the Brussels audience for a direct talk in Brussels Press Club.

After a brief presentation of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Premier Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson gave an overview of the major opportunity sector in this OCT, being Tourism and Investment but also of the other opportunities in the financial services, infrastructure and agriculture sectors.

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Understanding of Systemic Innovation

Understanding of Systemic Innovation

OCTs governments implement innovation across all sectors; fostering partnerships between public and private entities based on knowledge sharing and capacity-building.

TCI Innovation Director Shonia Thomas-Been and TCI Innovation Manager Alexa Cooper-Grant with their innovation council are doing great job.

Turks and Caicos Islands is currently one of the leading OCTs in implementing systemic innovation.

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Investment in Turks and Caicos Islands

Investment in Turks and Caicos Islands

Five reasons to invest in the TCI:

• Strong Economy

• Pro-Business Investment Climate

• Strong Legal System

• Effective Regulation and Compliance

• Easy Access

Investment opportunities in the Tourism Sector exist in eco, marine and soft adventure tourism; medical tourism, sports medicine, culinary arts, marinas, hotel and villa development.

Other investment opportunities can be found in the financial services, infrastructure and agriculture sectors, including hydroponics.

Herewith attached: TCI Investment Presentation

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Tourism dream

Tourism dream

Tourism is the main industry in TCI and contributes over 60% of GDP of the country. As tourist destination in the Caribbean region, TCI is the fastest growing OCT, where United States have 81.7% of all stop-over arrivals to the island.

The tremendous growth in visitor arrivals to the destination can be attributed to a number of factors including:

• Accessibility to the destination with frequent flights from most major cities in the United States,

• Market position as a high-end luxury destination,

• Protected pristine natural environment with the world’s third largest barrier reef,

• Low crime rate.

Herewith attached: TCI Tourism Presentation

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