Une artisane inspirée par le lagon

Une artisane inspirée par le lagon

Ceramik’im est le nom sous lequel la céramiste Kim Mangiapan opère. Le déclic pour la céramique se fait en visionnant les photos du travail d’un autre céramiste en Corse. Après une formation de quelques mois en Corse, Kim est revenue en Nouvelle-Calédonie pour installer son atelier à Païta. Sa formation initiale en comptabilité l’aide à gérer son entreprise et la jeune femme vit à présent de son artisanat.

Dans son atelier de poterie, Kim Mangiapan conçoit et fabrique des pièces en terre cuite à destination utilitaire ou décorative. Forte d’une expérience de trois ans, Ceramik’im a déjà son style en donnant l’aspect du corail à ses poteries.

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OCTA Innovation Issue 18/ 2017 – Technical Assistance

OCTA Innovation Issue 18/ 2017 – Technical Assistance

We are very happy to confirm that various short-term technical assistances have been approved and are operational with principal tasks to continue the capacity building activities, to further support the OCT governments on the development of their innovation strategies, implementation of the respective action plans and ultimate diversification of their economies.

We are excited with the high intensity of the actions in this period combining different innovation initiatives, innovation studies, innovation workshops, events, trainings and missions. Visit our website for more news, and check our rich and attractive video library at YouTube and photo library on Pinterest.

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OCTA Innovation Issue 17/ 2017 – Good news

OCTA Innovation Issue 17/ 2017 – Good news

We are very happy to be in position to confirm you that our OCTA Innovation project has been extended for two years, namely until end of April 2020. This extension is based on the need to provide additional assistance in the field of implementation of the innovation projects but also to extend technical assistance to continue the capacity building activities to further support the OCT governments on the development of their Innovation Strategies and implementation of the respective action plans that have been developed, as well as to expand activities for exchange of experience and expertise through eLearning, visibility activities and the organisation of events, workshops, conferences at international and regional level to consolidate the initiated support to implementation of innovation actions and strategies at OCT level, and to facilitate regional cooperation and networking.

The latest BRUZZ event on Turks and Caicos Islands was very successful. With Standard and Poor’s Credit rating for TCI at BBB+, and an annual economic projected growth of 4.3%, the government has embraced innovation as a way forward. This creates exciting pro-business investment opportunities. You may watch our photos of the event .

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Technical assistance in the field of creative industries and innovation in the OCTs

Technical assistance in the field of creative industries and innovation in the OCTs

Short-term technical assistance in the field of creative industries has been approved.

Assistance is including:

  •  Scoping the potential of creative industries and innovation in the OCTs to create jobs, to enhance the SME development and to diversify the economy.
  • Assistance in pulling out the actors and making synergy of different media and different areas of creativity and cooperation between content users and content producers.
  • Scoping study on the creative industry: Regional initiatives, projects and existing best available practices; Assessment of the current situation and Optimal opportunities in the creative industry;
  • Workshop-trainings to the OCTS. At least 10 persons should attend each workshop and they would get a certificate of training signed by the Expert and by OCTA Innovation Team Leader.

Flyer attached: Technical assistance in the field of creative industries and innovation in the OCTs

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2IC – Azores and OCTs to explore cooperation on innovation

2IC – Azores and OCTs to explore cooperation on innovation


Future cooperation between Azores, one of the European Union’s Outermost Regions, and the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) will be discussed at OCTA Innovation’s International Conference in Ponta Delgada, Azores, 11th-12th April.

Participants from the Azores and OCTs will look at the scope for sharing best practice and innovation knowledge and working together in areas where cooperation would be mutually beneficial. These include the green and blue economy, tourism and culture and creativity. An eventual Azores-OCTA Memorandum of Understanding could be proposed.

Azores is an Autonomous region of Portugal comprising three groups of nine islands located in the Atlantic Ocean some 1,360 km off the coast of Portugal. These are Flores and Corvo, to the west; Graciosa, Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, and Faial in the centre; and São Miguel, Santa Maria, and the Formigas Reef to the east.

OCTs are mostly small island distanced from the European Union mainland. The challenges to innovation they share with the Azores include: remoteness, the small size of local markets, difficulties accessing other markets and high transport and energy costs.

The sharing of innovation knowledge and best practice, and possible cooperation on projects and programmes, could help surpass such challenges. The aim is to foster growth, economic diversification and sustainable development through innovation.



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Carnival is innovation

Carnival is innovation


A wealth of creativity is on display at Carnival, combining choreography, music and fashion. 

One of the greatest examples of Carnival’s artistry is Peter Minshall, the Trinidiadian Masman and innovator. He helped design the opening ceremonies for: the 1987 Pan American Games, the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the 1994 Football World Cup and the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

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Les BRUZZ d’OCTA Innovation

Les BRUZZ d’OCTA Innovation

Grâce aux BRUZZ d’OCTA Innovation, nous avons une plateforme basée à Bruxelles pour le partage et la reconnaissance des initiatives innovantes et créatives des Pays et Territoires d’Outre-mer (PTOM). Le BRUZZ est l’occasion de présenter distinctement à l’audience européenne et bruxelloise, chaque PTOM sur des différents sujets novateurs.

L’objectif est d’assurer la sensibilisation et la connaissance des PTOM à un vaste public ou à une audience ciblée afin de générer un intérêt à promouvoir les sujets d’importance du PTOM concerné. Mettre les PTOM au cœur du débat à Bruxelles et au sein de l’Union Européenne c’est promouvoir le secteur privé ainsi que le secteur public, le commerce et les possibilités d’investissements. C’est également véhiculer des actions visant à porter les PTOM à un niveau de partenariat avec les acteurs des secteurs publics et privés de l’Union Européenne.

Les évènements BRUZZ sont un outil d’une grande efficacité pour renforcer la visibilité et la reconnaissance des PTOM. C’est un outil qui permet de diffuser des messages sur mesure, clairs et cohérents (Invitations, Illustrations, photos, vidéos), faisant recours à la technologie de pointe et aux outils en ligne de mobilisation qui permettent l’accès à des sites exceptionnels, à des conférenciers et à des auditoires de haut niveau. Ces facilités offrent une dynamique particulière aux événements et permettent de créer un buzz à court comme à long terme.

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OCTA Innovation Issue 3 / 2017 – Curaçao

OCTA Innovation Issue 3 / 2017 – Curaçao

Curaçao is an island strategically situated in the Caribbean Sea just off the coast of the South American mainland. A polyglot society, it boasts more than 60 different nationalities, living and working harmoniously on a 171 square-mile territory. As part of the erstwhile political entity the Netherlands Antilles, the island became an Overseas Country of the European Economic Community in 1964. Historically a trade enclave, today the island’s economic mainstay is centered around tourism, oil refining, financial services and ship repair.

As acting Representative of the Government of Curaçao to the European Union for the past two years and a member of OCTA’s Executive Committee, Ann Philipps, has been advocating a vision of an internationally focused future for her island. This makes the most of Curaçao’s natural assets; a multi-ethnic and multi cultural population speaking several languages and a good strategic position for trade. At the same time, it recognizes the need to forge strong international partnerships and improve the quality of its human capital through an internationally-oriented educational system. This vision for the future was reflected in the theme of Curaçao’s OCTA chairmanship, ‘building strategic partnerships for sustainable development’.


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Capture innovation and creativity in the OCTs!

Capture innovation and creativity in the OCTs!


OCTA Innovation is launching a visual arts competition on the subject of innovation and creativity in the OCTs, open to all artists. Photography, drawings and paintings, but also printmaking, graphic design, fashion design, interior design, video and sculpture, decorative art and crafts are all eligible.

Show us how innovation and creativity are changing the economy or people’s lives, or bridging the traditional and contemporary in: Anguilla, Aruba, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Curaçao, Falkland Islands, French Polynesia, Greenland, Montserrat, New Caledonia, Pitcairn, Saba, Saint Barthélemy, St Helena, St. Pierre-et-Miquelon, Sint Eustatius, Sint Marteen, Turks & Caicos and Wallis & Futuna.

The jury for the OCTA Innovation Visual Art Competition will decide:

  • A first-placed winner and
  • Up to 5 shortlisted artists

Winners will:

  • Receive an OCTA Innovation Award
  • Have their art displayed at an exhibition in Brussels reaching an EU audience
  • Be named on OCTA Innovation’s website alongside a brief description of their work
  • Have their art featured on OCTA Innovation’s website for six months


Beginning of the contest: December 15, 2016

Deadline for entries: March 31, 2017

Winner notification: April 11-12, 2017

Send your entries to: Innovation@octa-innovation.eu



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