Tourism Workshop –  Chiquita Groenewoud-Kotzebue, Curaçao Representative

Tourism Workshop – Chiquita Groenewoud-Kotzebue, Curaçao Representative

Ms Groenewoud-Kotzebue highlighted how her island is innovating in the sector and some of the continuing challenges faced  challenges faced. 

For example, Hofi Cas Cora, is a small  organic family farm on the island that is rasing awareness of the ‘farm to fork’ concept, also offering dishes with Caribbean flair in its eatery.

Curaçao’s dependency on fossil fuel (only 28% renewable energy) and intensive de-salination making water expensive are innovation challenges in the tourism sector. Another of the island’s challenges is waste management: the current landfill will be depleted in 8 years.

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Innovation for Tourism Growth Anguilla

Innovation for Tourism Growth Anguilla

OCTA Innovation Thematic workshop “Innovation for Tourism Growth” was held in Anguilla 11-12 of October. In was held in the Caribbean month of Tourism. However, it’s reach was global, having participants and speakers from all sides of world including French Polynesia and Wallis et Futuna, Pacific ocean Overseas Countries and Territories.

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Innovation for Tourism Growth

Innovation for Tourism Growth

Anguilla two days thematic workshop was held in line with OCTA Innovation’s mission which is to strengthen sustainable development through innovation for economic development and diversification, to improve regional and global competitiveness of the European Union’s Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs).

In most OCTs, tourism is a major opportunity for development and growth. But not any type nor visitor volume respond to the goals of the OCTs and their populations. Innovative and creative tourism activities, facilities and services as an effective way to compete in the larger international tourism marketplace have been discussed. Workshop initiated and highlighted relevance of tailored  innovative solutions, creative attractions and visitor services to be more successful in securing constant growth and overcoming geopolitical issues and natural disasters.

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Curaçao start-ups getting ‘knowledge’, ‘technology’ and ‘support’ vouchers.

Curaçao start-ups getting ‘knowledge’, ‘technology’ and ‘support’ vouchers.

Curaçao pilot project Start up Launchpad, offers businesses in the start-up stage a chance to participate and win Technology, Knowledge and Support vouchers to invest in their company.

Start up Launchpad program consists of 4 rounds of intensive coaching and support. Each round is concluded with a ‘pitch competition’, determining who will continue to the next round. 15 entrepreneurs were selected to participate in the first round of the Startup Launchpad. These 15 entrepreneurs presented their results in front of a jury and a live audience.

The top five gained a place in the second round of the Startup Launchpad program and the opportunity to invest up to ANG. 20.000 in their business:

  • HQ Rental: Ries van Lommel
  • CamBackup: Royendgel Silberie
  • ADG Consultancy: Ariadne Flores Sophia
  • Fresh Habits: Giancarlo da Costa
  • Curacao Agro Tech: Alex van Sprang.

The winner of the final round of competitions will get the chance to compete on an international level.

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Curaçao Innovation Action Plan

Curaçao Innovation Action Plan

Curaçao made an excellent job in the period of establishing its innovation strategy. Particularly it was great job of organizing consultations via multiple working groups consultation work for each sector of importance for the economy and the wide society of Curacao. Innovation strategy has been developed afterwards. Curaçao made its innovation policy. The innovation action plan is on the discussion. Innovation Director Fiona Curie is making great job in this progress moving from strategy to policy and to this short- and long-term action plan.

The main goal is to promote sustainable economic development by stimulating innovative projects and processes that should strengthen business activity, stimulate economic diversification and improve regional competitive advantage and the competitive position of Curacao.

Government of Curaçao must facilitate and stimulate innovation and does this by:

  • Providing of facilities, knowledge and capacity;
  • The mitigation of entry barriers, exist barriers and growth barriers to entrepreneurs and businesses;
  • Making property rights accessible and enforce law.
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Creative industry in Curaçao

Creative industry in Curaçao

Creative industry agenda in Curaçao is very diversified including every kind of events from cultural to food and from musical to film that attract people as Carnaval and Harvest festival, Curaçao Culinair, Curaçao North Sea Jazz and Curaçao International Film festival Rotterdam.

It has been recognized that in many areas of the creative skills, there is a significant potential to develop a subcontracting services to the European expecially to Dutch companies. Namely many creators have been educated in Holland, some have started their carrier there and the cost of creative services performed in Curaçao is highly competitive with a similar job done in the Netherlands.

Two-days technical assistance was an efficient step in generating discussion between the players of the creative and cultural industries. The general consensus was that Curaçao needs to develop a Cultural policy in order to establish the priorities and to define where to concentrate the efforts such as in developing the education and certification, supporting growth of existing and start-ups.

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Trade & export incentives in Caribbean Netherlands

Trade & export incentives in Caribbean Netherlands

Trade and export incentives for entrepreneurs of the Caribbean Netherlands and the Caribbean countries within the Kingdom.

As of 1 January 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened up the instruments for trade and export promotion to all entrepreneurs in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom. Entrepreneurs with export ambitions from Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius and Sint Maarten can now take part in these instruments.

More information. 

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Living Green Furniture Curaçao

Living Green Furniture Curaçao

Eugene Maduro, from Curaçao is the owner and designer of Living Green Furniture Curaçao. He makes furniture from collected objects in his own neighbourhood, such as very old lumber which is wood since colonial times. Eugene considers bringing out Curaçao’s history by this wood as a way of promoting his island. The furniture of the concept Monumento Di Curaçao carry with them the historical weight and recognition of the island’s history.

Living Green Furniture already received two awards

  • JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award in 2010
  • Guardian Group Best in Business Award 2014

And is now nominated in the category Creativity of the OCTA Innovation BIC awards.

More information on Living Green Furniture Curaçao.

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