European Innovation Summit

European Innovation Summit

The 10th European Innovation Summit is taking place from 26 – 29 November 2018 in and around the European Parliament in Brussels.

The programme will address hot topics currently on the policy agenda, developments in sectors crucial for Europe’s competitiveness as well as a deep dive into emerging technologies. A special session will be dedicated to European elections and how MEPs play the innovation card during their campaign.Read more

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Social Innovation Tournament

Social Innovation Tournament

The Social Innovation Tournament was established in 2012 by the EIB Institute. Held every year in a different country, it rewards and sponsors European entrepreneurs whose primary purpose is to generate a social, ethical or environmental impact. Projects are typically related to combating unemployment and the marginalisation of disadvantaged communities and promoting access to education. SIT finalists constitute a growing community of social entrepreneurs from 21 different countries who have already made a difference through more than 100 projects.

Fifteen finalists from seven countries had initially been selected for the Tournament from 212 proposals submitted by applicants from 31 countries.Read more

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Tourism Workshop – Bren Romney, Innovation Director Anguilla

Tourism Workshop – Bren Romney, Innovation Director Anguilla

Bren Romney, who was a Moderator of the Workshop, detailed Anguilla’s plans to build a state-of-the-art business incubator on Anguilla dedicated to innovation.

The space will stimulate collaboration and entrepreneurship, creating employment for youth, enhancing the experience of visitors, increasing incomes of the people of Anguilla, he said.

Specifically, the business incubator will:

help convert start-ups and ideas into viable businesses;

foster creativity and collaboration;

target young Anguillians in ICT, creative industry, light manufacturing and professional services and

encourage App developers from around the world to come to Anguilla.

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Tourism Workshop –  Helvig Thode, Bonaire Representative

Tourism Workshop – Helvig Thode, Bonaire Representative

“Bonaire will position itself as a progressive island in terms of synergizing people and nature. This will result in a positive economic, cultural and nature stimulation for the island,” said Ms. Helvig Thode, Bonaire’s Representative.

In 2017, the tourism industry contributed 229 million US dollars to the local economy and 25 per cent of jobs are tourism related. The challenges include the competition from elsewhere, an underperforming mainstay tourism sector – diving – need a more diversified portfolio inadequate pricing of eco-tourism sector, need for improved accommodation, convert Bonaire into a high-end destination with 30 per cent of hotel inventory at four-star plus star.

The intention is to convert tourism industry into an engine that serves all of Bonaire, notably using its credentials as the First Blue Destination. It was the first Caribbean island to have a protected marine park and 40 per cent of the island uses clean energy. Becoming a blue destination is aligned to Bonaire’s culture history and the heritage of the people who have embraced and protected the ocean for their livelihood.


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Tourism Workshop – Alexa Cooper-Grant, Innovation Director, TCI

Tourism Workshop – Alexa Cooper-Grant, Innovation Director, TCI

Tourism innovation in TCI started with a vision: “We envision becoming a country where the very mention of our name invokes images of peace, safety and security, a place where residents and visitors enjoy authentic experiences,” said Alexa Cooper-Grant, Innovation Directorr for TCI.

“Having successfully established an image as a luxury destination, the Turks and Caicos Islands has an opportunity to lead the way in the region and become the “new luxury” benchmark against which other destinations are measured.”

TCI’s tranquil, luxurious settings, where nature and protection of the environment are considered sacrosanct and sustainable development is pursued for the benefit of all our citizens, residents, investors and visitors.

The Turks and Caicos islands has built its innovation in tourism around three As: improving accessibility of the islands by accessibility – both air and sea, improving accommodation – hotels, villas and b and bs and improving attractions museums and art houses. 

Known for its outstanding pristine beaches – notably Grace Bay – TCI has created niche markets weddings, honeymoons, and water sports. It enjoys a reputation as one of the top 3 dive destinations in the world as well as offering kite boarding, paddle boarding and kayaking.

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