3 Anguilla candidates selected for Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs

3 Anguilla candidates selected for Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs

Bren Romney, Innovation Manager for Anguilla, Director of the Department of Youth and Culture within the Government of Anguilla has extensively promoted the EU-funded programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

 As a result, 3 Anguilla candidates have successfully been qualified for this programme:

  • Njeri Richardson, in the Education and training services
  • Nakieta Adams, in the Advertising, promotion, printing, media and related products and services
  • Melisse Jennings, in the Music, theater, events and related cultural and entertainment services


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OCTA Innovation Technical Assistance in the Creative Industry in TCI

OCTA Innovation Technical Assistance in the Creative Industry in TCI

Sectoral Study of the Creative Industries and Innovation in the Turks and Caicos Islands

OCTA Innovation in collaboration with the Department of Culture, on June 4th – 5th, hosted information gathering sessions with key stakeholders and entrepreneurs within the creative industry sector in the TCI. The sessions were steered by Mr. Jacques Grysole, visiting Consultant of OCTA Innovation and President, Expansion Strategies Inc. a Canadian based company.

The aim of the mission was to conduct a sectoral study on Creative Industries and innovation in the Turks and Caicos Islands which included:

  • Scoping and mapping on status and opportunities in the creative industry.
  • Identifying innovative actions which could be implemented in short and medium term to create jobs, to enhance the SME development and to diversify the economy.
  • Pulling out the actors and making synergy of different media and cooperation between content users and content producers.

Topics discussed were:

  • short profile of the industries sectors
  • strengths and weaknesses,
  • innovation opportunities and constraints
  • strategic orientations and
  • proposed action plan.

OCTA Innovation a dedicated project initiated by the Overseas Countries Territories, since implementation the TCI has benefited from various technical assistance support in addition to this TA support to the Department of Culture as steps are taken towards the formalization and recognition of the creative industry sector in the TCI.

Innovation Manager for TCI and VP SME Development, Invest Turks and Caicos, Ms. Alexa Cooper commented “Being able to secure the Technical Assistance through OCTA Innovation for the Department of Culture was extremely important. It is the first step in helping to identify the current state of the industry, the number of persons involved, the opportunities that exist and charting a way forward for improvements to and further development of the sectors. There are a lot of very creative and talented young minds in the TCI, providing an enabling environment that hone their skills and fosters entrepreneurship can be the catalyst to sustainable growth of another industry in the TCI.” 

Attending Day one session were Hon. Karen Malcolm, Minister for Education, Youth, Culture and Library Services, Permanent Secretary Mr. Wesley Clerveaux, Director of Culture Ms. Ludwina Fulford, Director National Trust Ms. Ethyln Gibbs-Williams, Museum Representative, Mrs. Candianne Williams and Mr. David Bowen, former Director of Culture. Day Two session accommodated the entrepreneurs within the various industry sectors. Participants were Crystal “Tess” Charles, Daphne Forbes, Delphine Scott, Emily Malcolm, Jean Taylor, Esher Parker, Hezron Henry, Andy Williams (DJ Shakes) and David Bowen along with the Department of Culture Director and staff.

Commenting on the session Hon. Karen Malcolm stated “I am extremely pleased that we were able to partner with OCTA Innovation to meet with and discuss things to move the Creative Industry along.  The discussions have been very robust and have brought a number of challenges being faced to light but we were also able to come up with several solutions that will help to put our artisan community in a much better standing.  We recognize that for some time now, not enough attention has been placed on this industry. However, we are renewing our commitment to providing the necessary support by way of the Department of Culture and other such stakeholders. “

The creative industry covers sectors such as; Heritage, Museums, Theatres, Music, Fashion, Design, Film, television and radio, Interactive digital media (IDM), Books, Print Media, Digital Publishing and Literature, Advertising, Culinary, Local and Traditional Crafts, Festivals.



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Educational Innovation from Brussels

Educational Innovation from Brussels

CHANG ZHU is Professor of Educational Sciences at VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Free University Brussels). Her research focuses on the use of educational innovation in schools and in higher education and the study of related cultural, contextual and individual variables.

Professor of Digital Education Chang Zhu is certain that the university will retain its usefulness in the future especially through support  of lifelong learning and finding flexible ways to support many kinds of mature learners.

We are very proud having opportunity to cooperate with Prof Chang Zhu on the issue of Three Pillars Blended Learning for the EU Overseas Countries and Territories. Read more at Chang Zhu & Education Science & VUB

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Mangroves & James Kairo VUB fellowship

Mangroves & James Kairo VUB fellowship

Mangroves are the epitome of life. They harbour species and life forms that cannot be found elsewhere. But above all they are the life support of communities around the world.

Mangroves are rapidly degrading and disappearing around the world. This is of serious concern to Dr James Kairo, who has been put forward as a VUB Fellow (VUB – Vrije Universteit Brussel – Free University of Brussels)  in recognition of his unique work studying and protecting mangroves. “He is one of the most versatile and productive people I have met,” says Professor Nico Koedam.

“This award shows that no matter where you come from, you can make a difference if you fight
for local communities and local environments.” James Kairo. Read more about  VUB & James

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OCTA Innovation Newsletter #20-2018 – Innovation indicators

OCTA Innovation Newsletter #20-2018 – Innovation indicators

We are very pleased having on board another high-quality short-term expert from Trinidad-and-Tobago. We invite you to consider your need for Monitoring and Evaluation support, which will include on-site missions from Allison Francis. Allison is very experienced in Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects; inclusive of the design and implementation of Results-Based Management Frameworks; for example Theories of Change and Results Chains; Starts ups and incubators; as well as Indicators of innovation for smaller and larger innovation projects such as those presented hereafter.

Read the newsletter.

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