OCTA Innovation Newsletter #23-2018 – Montserrat Innovation Days

OCTA Innovation Newsletter #23-2018 – Montserrat Innovation Days

The Government of Montserrat is organising Innovation Days in Montserrat on 16th and 17th of August 2018. Innovation Days will be held under patronage of the honourable Donaldson Romeo, Premier of Montserrat, who will personally open the Montserrat Innovation Days. That will be great occasion for local both public and private stakeholders to gather and to exchange relevant knowledge and best available practice in different aspects of sustainable development of the island.

Mrs. Janice Panton MBE, UK and EU Representative for the Government of Montserrat and Chair of the OCTA Innovation will present Association of EU Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTA) and OCTA Innovation, EU funded project for propelling innovation in the OCTs. As an introductory speaker at the Montserrat Innovation Days, Janice Panton will particularly highlight her call upon the heads of the governments of the EU Overseas Countries and Territories to embrace Systemic Innovation for the sustainable development of their territories.

Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, Brussels based OCTA Innovation Team Leader, will lead a group of EU experts who should provide some lectures and transfer of the best EU practices to Montserrat. Particularly Milan will share his knowledge and experience in innovation and sustainable development; Alan Cooper expert from Trinidad and Tobago will share his knowledge and regional experience in policy support for innovation, entrepreneurship and green business development; while James McGregor, knowledgeable eco-tourism expert will bring the best worldwide practice and experience in visitor economy.

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“Innovation for Growth” in St Eustatius

“Innovation for Growth” in St Eustatius

The framework for a European Union workshop was launched this week to promote more innovation on St. Eustatius. When all details are worked out by stakeholders, the resulting recommendations will be presented to government

Sponsored by Horizon 2020 EU Innovation, the workshop looked at the many ways innovation can be harnessed and the barriers to its realization. The leadership role at the event came from Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, whose EU task is to inspire innovation within European Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs)

Given the change in political administration on the island, such a project may well seem doomed from the start. “Not so!” according to Von Gesseneck. “Government or no government, it is the role of those who control the public purse to build systemic innovation in OCT’s by creating an enabling environment for innovation, implementing all required measures and actions and promoting innovation implementation.”

These words were clearly not lost on Roy Hooker, Island Controller and former Director of Economy and Infrastructure. “Necessity may be “the mother of invention”, he told the meeting, “However, sometimes, such a need to be more creative in society has to be screamed from the rooftops.

Such a scream has already been heard and heeded in Bonaire, where an EU-funded scheme has resulted in the innovative cultivation of an algae farm. Called AlgaePark, the facility produces algae products that can be used as a replacement for soy oil, soy protein or fishmeal. “This project contributes to sustainable economic development, creates jobs and also will lead to a better environment,” insists Von Gesseneck.

Dr. Teresa Leslie, Director of St. Eustatius Foundation, who chaired and facilitated the innovation workshop, agrees. “There are a thousand ways by which we can put our imagination to work on this island. As individuals and a community on Statia, we must leave our fears and explore the excitement of a “can-do” mentality. By working in small groups behind the scenes and cooperating through the human and Internet web, we can reprogram our collective desires.”

Von Gesseneck endorsed this conclusion. “You do not need a lot of money from the EU or elsewhere to transform the economic climate. There are countless platforms for fascinating improvements, be they in marketing for tourism, cuisine, food production or the field of information technology. Creativity can be generated anywhere in the world by anybody who dares to dream and imagine a capacity for realizing that dream.

He referred to an EU project on the remote British Falkland Islands that sponsor as many as 100 students through the Erasmus Student Exchange Program. “The realization of such a dream makes a major contribution to learning, the economy and local community pride through involvement.

Cooperation was viewed by the workshop as essential for the progress of innovation. Its many participants were drawn from a wide spectrum of commercial and government activities. “Innovative future steps are expected to be announced within days, rather than weeks. And some will be mind-blowing,” Leslie said.

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Montserrat hosting OECS environment council meeting

Montserrat hosting OECS environment council meeting

This year, the much-anticipated Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Council of Ministers of Environment Sustainability (COMES 5) will be held in the island of Montserrat. The fifth meeting of COMES will take place from July 10 to 11, under the theme “Building Resilience on the Frontlines of Climate Change”.

The COMES 5 comes at a critical juncture, given the severe economic and social impacts of the hurricanes of 2017 and will provide the forum for ministers to engage with senior technocrats and development partners and to make decisions that will advance the climate and overall environmental resilience of the region.

Last year, COMES 4 was held in Grenada under the chairmanship of Senator Simon Stiell, minister of state responsible for human resource development and the environment of Grenada under the theme “Accelerating Sustainable Development: Addressing Challenges and Creating Opportunities.”

This year, the high-level meeting will be chaired by David Osborne, minister of agriculture, trade, lands, housing and the environment of Montserrat.

Montserrat is strategically placed to host such a major event. The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean has been able to build resilience despite the eruption of the Soufrière hills volcano that buried the southern part of the country. Today, Montserrat remains attractive and still keeps secrets waiting to be revealed to visitors.

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Naalakkersuisoq for Foreign Affairs, Vivian Motzfeldt, to host a High Level Summit on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration

Naalakkersuisoq for Foreign Affairs, Vivian Motzfeldt, to host a High Level Summit on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration

The newly appointed Naalakkersuisoq for Foreign Affairs Vivian Motzfeldt, together with the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen, will host a high level meeting in Ilulissat 22-23 May on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration. Ministers and representatives of the eight Arctic States and Indigenous People’s Organizations in the Arctic will participate in the meeting.

With the Declaration of May 2008, the five Arctic states, including Greenland and Denmark, committed to maintaining the Arctic as a low-tension area, where possible conflicts are resolved through peaceful negotiations in accordance with international law, and to cooperate in areas such as sustainable economic development, environmental protection and research.

Regarding the high level meeting in Ilulissat, Naalakkersuisoq Vivian Motzfeldt stated that “Greenland wishes, through our participation in Arctic cooperation, to actively contribute to the conservation of the Arctic as a peaceful region. The Arctic must continue to be an area where the parties through international cooperation and dialogue achieve peaceful economic and sustainable development for the benefit of the people of the Arctic. “

The program will include the following:

– High-level session where ministers and representatives of the eight Arctic states and indigenous peoples of the Arctic will discuss the importance of the Ilulissat Declaration and different aspects of Arctic cooperation.

– Session on the perspectives of the new research agreement concluded by the Arctic Council countries.

– Study trip through Ilulissat Isfjord to the village Ilimanaq. In Ilimanaq, local economic development has been created by constructing cabins from which tourists can experience the magnificent Greenlandic nature.

– Cultural event at the opening of a memorial plate for the 10th anniversary of the Ilulissat Declaration.

– Press conference.


For inquiries, please contact the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Kenneth Høegh,

kenh@nanoq.gl, +299 565604

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Future of food – Workshop in Aruba

Future of food – Workshop in Aruba

Workshop given by OCTA Innovation expert Jacques Grysole in Aruba: Future of Food on March 6, 2018. This workshop on creativity in agriculture was organised by Varelie Croes, new Aruba Innovation director.

Main questions were:

How can we design a better food ecosystem of tomorrow that is:

  • Creative and triggers curiosity
  • Aligned with Aruba’s DNA (see “Cu Mira Pa Futuro” tourism report)
  • Sustainable
  • Supports the main ambitions in the Innovation Framework – Isla Innovativo report
  • Applies the latest break-through technology
  • Personalized (based on lifestyle, genome and microbiome etc.)
  • A new concept: From the ‘human body’ to table (‘on-demand’)
  • Taking into account the various trends/themes below
  • Does not require big investment to get off the ground
  • Attracts international partners to create centres of knowledge / R&D and/or a test-bed economy.

Other sub-questions that could be addressed during the workshop:

  • Is there a present and/or future niche in the Future of Food space that Aruba can own?
  • What is the role of creativity in the food space?
  • How do we motivate and empower the citizens to get involved? Would the creation of a digital platform be the first building block? Something similar to this: https://foodtechconnect.com/about/
  • What export markets should we be looking at in the next 2 to 5 years?
  • What would a collaborate platform look like? Where do we start?
  • If a Food Blockchain + AI is considered, who should lead this initiative?
  • What data can we gather or should we be gathering through the food supply chain?
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Deuxième édition du marché de l’innovation

Deuxième édition du marché de l’innovation

Le 1er mars, la Présidence de la Polynésie française a accueilli la seconde édition du Marché de l’Innovation. Cet événement placé sous le haut-patronage du Président de la Polynésie française a été organisé conjointement par la grappe d’entreprises Tahiti Fa’ahotu et le ministère du Travail, de la formation professionnelle et de l’éducation, en charge de la fonction publique, de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur.

Les objectifs du Marché de l’Innovation :

  • Rendre visible et accessible les résultats de recherches ainsi que les projets avec un fort potentiel de valorisation économique.
  • Lancer la 2ème Bourse de l’innovation « Poly’Nov », qui récompense des porteurs de projets par un prix financier du président, accompagné « d’un panier d’accompagnement sur mesure » permettant de faciliter la mise en place ou le développement des activités récompensées. L’innovation peut aussi bien porter sur la mise en œuvre de produits ou services, de procédés, de méthodes organisationnelles ou être de nature sociale.

L’entrepreneuriat est l’une des réponses à la relance économique. Mobiliser toutes les forces vives est essentiel pour permettre à l’innovation de contribuer au développement de la Polynésie française.

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Marché de l’Innovation en Polynésie

Marché de l’Innovation en Polynésie

La ministre du Travail, en charge de la recherche, Tea Frogier, était présente à l’ouverture de la deuxième édition du marché de l’innovation, à l’initiative du pôle Tahiti Fa’ahotu, en étroite collaboration avec le ministère de la recherche, jeudi 1er mars, à la Présidence. Cette journée a été l’occasion de présenter les résultats des programmes de recherche pouvant être valorisés économiquement par la concrétisation de produits ou services innovants.

La ministre a souhaité profiter de la présence de Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, expert en innovation auprès de l’Union européenne, pour partager le potentiel extraordinaire qu’offre l’Océan Pacifique, avec en toile de fond la future « agence européenne de l’innovation de rupture » que souhaite créer le Président de la République Emmanuel Macron dans les deux prochaines années. Dans cette perspective, Tea Frogier a donc annoncé la volonté de la Polynésie française de structurer, en partenariat avec l’État, l’écosystème de l’innovation en créant une unité stratégique de concertation pour la Recherche et l’Innovation.

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Networking workshops

Networking workshops

OCTA Innovation supports the innovation networking in the OCTs as a way to enhance engagement of the stakeholders and to support public-private partnerships.

The conditions for such support are:

  • Costs related to this event, such as local traveling, local preparatory and different logistic activities, venue, catering will be supported.
  • OCTs need to request approval from OCTA Innovation Team Leader in advance.
  • Afterwards, OCTs need to confirm event by sending the list of participants, photos, videos, press releases, etc.
  • Costs will be paid upon receiving invoice addressed to OCTA Innovation/Eurecna.
  • Maximum amount of the costs for an OCT is 500 €. This amount can be used for several trainings / workshops.

We are looking forward to receiving news and requests for support of your innovation events!

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Collaboration for progress

Collaboration for progress

Last week, on 25th of January 2018, Mr Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, OCTA Innovation Team leader, Innovation expert gave a workshop on “Becoming a smarter Curaçao by implementing innovation and through increased cooperation”.

Curaçao as a smart nation and Willemstad as a smart city are considered important in achieving sustainable economic development according to the coalition agreement of 2017-2021. Applying innovation and increasing cooperation will contribute to becoming this smart nation and city.

Ms Fiona Curie, Innovation Director presented at that occasion the Innovation Action Plan for 2018.

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Journée de l’innovation publique polynésienne

Journée de l’innovation publique polynésienne

La Journée de l’innovation publique polynésienne, organisé tous les ans, s’inscrit dans le cadre de la semaine de l’innovation publique nationale, à l’initiative du secrétariat général pour la modernisation de l’action publique (SGMAP).

L’innovation publique, c’est la recherche et la mise en œuvre d’idées qui améliorent le service public rendu aux citoyens et aux usagers. Elle incarne une ambition partagée par l’ensemble des acteurs de la vie publique, et constitue un vecteur de réussite de la modernisation de l’action publique.

Ce rendez-vous est un dialogue ouvert et une collaboration avec les citoyens, les usagers et les professionnels de l’action publique. Lors de cette journée, le grand public peut :

  • découvrir et comprendre ce que recouvre l’innovation publique ;
  • rencontrer les femmes et les hommes qui innovent dans le secteur public ;
  • participer à l’élaboration de nouveaux services publics, contribuer à leur amélioration.

En Polynésie française, la troisième édition a eu lieu le 17 octobre 2017.

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Pour en savoir plus: Communiqué – Journée innovation publique polynésienne

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