OCTA Innovation BRUZZ events

OCTA Innovation BRUZZ events

OCTA Innovation Brussels BRUZZ events rise the visibility of the OCTs through direct interacting with the Brussels audience but also to the world wide audience due to the high OCTA Innovation visibility and due to the high press coverage.

Last BRUZZ event was devoted to Turks and Caicos Islands. Honourable Premier Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson with her team, including Ms. Tracy Knight Turks and Caicos Islands EU representative based in London, addressed Brussels audience in Brussels Press Club last Thursday 13th of July. See photos 

You may watch videos from TEDxAruba BRUZZ  and St-Barthélemy BRUZZ.

Pitcairn’s Innovation Manager Leslie Jaques visit to Brussels concluded in the agreement to have an OCTA Innovation BRUZZ dedicated to Pitcairn in November 2017.

Anguilla’s Innovation Manager Bren Romney visit to Brussels concluded with the agreement to have an BRUZZ event devoted to Innovate Anguilla.

All OCTs are warmly welcomed to benefit having BRUZZ event to create business, investment and  knowledge and experience sharing opportunities with both EU public and private stakeholders!

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OCTA Innovation Issue 14 / 2017 –  Pitcairn

OCTA Innovation Issue 14 / 2017 – Pitcairn

We are proud to work with Pitcairn Islands and to propel innovation in this most isolated and most remote inhabited groups of islands in the world. The four islands comprising the group (Pitcairn, Henderson, Oeno and Ducie) are situated approx. 500 km from the easternmost airport of French Polynesia on Mangareva in the Gambier group. The closest land mass is New Zealand positioned 4,500 south west of Pitcairn. Only Pitcairn itself is inhabited, with a total population of less than 100 people.

Pitcairners’ main sources of revenue are sales of handicrafts, curios, honey, stamps and coins to cruise ships or through internet marketing. Fish, fruit and vegetables are also traded with passing ships.

For Pitcairn, innovation is a way to enhance economic growth. Key opportunities for innovation in Pitcairn can be summed up as follows: steadily increasing tourist arrivals will help to boost newly established businesses such as the café, bakery and tourist accommodation; Installation of port infrastructure to welcome cruise ships and renewable energy.

Read newsletter.

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Visibility of Pitcairn’s activities in the innovation field

Visibility of Pitcairn’s activities in the innovation field

Leslie Jaques, Councillor of the Government of Pitcairn and Innovation Manager came to Brussels to meet Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, OCTA Innovation Team leader.

It was a great meeting to catch up on all ongoing activities within the project and to discuss the possible funding options for Pitcairn renewable energy project.

Leslie Jaques and Milan Jezic von Gesseneck also discussed the opportunity given for having Innovation Expert Diploma in order to recognise Leslie’s work and his activities in innovation field as Innovation Manager for Pitcairn.

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Pitcairn Signatory of Sustainable Energy Roadmap

Pitcairn Signatory of Sustainable Energy Roadmap

The Summit of OCT Energy Ministers took place in Brussels on the 16th & 17th of June 2015 in the margins of the EU Sustainable Energy Week. This first-ever Summit of OCT Energy Ministers was the setting for the adoption of an OCT wide Sustainable Energy Roadmap, facilitating the path towards lowering fossil fuel dependency and increasing energy efficiency in OCTs.

The roadmap, developed collaboratively with the energy experts in the OCTs, addresses the key strategies and actions to be implemented, complementing and promoting existing National Strategies on Sustainable Energy in each of the OCTs. With the Roadmap, the OCTs identify priority areas and demonstrate their commitment to show worldwide leadership towards a transition to fossil fuel independence.

Pitcairn as signatory of this Sustainable Energy Roadmap has decided with other OCTs to engage in a common sustainable energy strategy to significantly increase the penetration of reliable and affordable renewable energy and greatly increased energy efficiency and to use the OCT energy network to take advantage of a wealth of experiences and technology know-how from individual OCTs.

The Sustainable Energy Roadmap can be found on this link.

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Pitcairn posting on OCTA Innovation ePlatform

Pitcairn posting on OCTA Innovation ePlatform

Each Innovation Manager received a user name and a password to log in on OCTA Innovation ePlatform. On the ePlatform innovation stakeholders have the privilege to publish news and articles directly without any restriction or approval. As explained to Leslie Jaques yesterday, you only need title, text and a feature image to publish a post.

As an Innovation Manager you will share ideas, convey information, foster discussions about innovation in your OCT. You are the link between OCTA Innovation and all the relevant innovation activities on your island. This is the key position, as you will engage in information and tools that will put you in a position to shape OCT discussion on innovation internationally, across the OCTs and with the European Union.

Your articles will be published both in the news pages, and in the thematic sections on the OCTA Innovation ePlatform. In addition, your articles will be visible on your OCT’s page. Your articles will be immediately posted all-over OCTA Innovation social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+). We use social media for maximising visibility for you as innovation expert and for your OCT. Effective application of social media is the integral enhancing component of the OCTA Innovation ePlatform. Social channels are established and audience is managed in order to increase the outreach and attractiveness of the OCTA Innovation hosted information.

Video instructions on how to post via the platform can be found here

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Renewable energy feasibility study

Renewable energy feasibility study

In the framework of OCTA Innovation activities, short-term technical assistance was allocated to Pitcairn. Senior expert in renewable energy was sent for a feasibility study to have more than 20% of renewable energy.

Solar Diesel Hybrid is the preferred solution because:

–          It has worked well in many projects across the Pacific (Tonga, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, Fiji, FSM, Palau, Niue, Tokelau etc)

–          That is the east cost option

–          It would replace up to 95% of current diesel use

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BRUZZ Pitcairn in November 2017

BRUZZ Pitcairn in November 2017

Recent visit from Pitcairn’s Innovation Manager Leslie Jaques in Brussels concluded in the agreement to have an OCTA Innovation BRUZZ dedicated to Pitcairn in November 2017. This BRUZZ will be held either in External Cooperation InfoPoint or in Press Club Brussels. Leslie Jaques Councillor from the Government of the Pitcairn Islands and Innovation Manager in cooperation with OCTA Innovation will invite the Brussels audience for a direct talk.

OCTA Innovation BRUZZ is a Brussels-based Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) platform promoting visibility of OCTs among a wide public. BRUZZ is an opportunity for audiences both in Brussels and Europe to learn more about an individual OCT.

The objective is to raise the awareness of OCTs among diverse and/or targeted audiences in order to generate interest and support for issues of importance to specific OCTs. By making the OCTs better known in Brussels and European circles, partnerships between the OCTs and both EU public and private stakeholders are forged and investment opportunities opened.

BRUZZ is highly effective in heightening the visibility of OCTs using tailored messages, targeted outreach (invitations, illustrations, photo and video), the latest technology and online engagement tools, exceptional venues and invitations to high-level speakers to create a lot of buzz and long-term opportunities.

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Consultation workshops in Pitcairn

Consultation workshops in Pitcairn

Surprisingly, Pitcairn is not only one of the remotest and most costly to supply islands in the Pacific, it is also the only one without a contribution of renewable energy to its electricity supply. A wind energy project was cancelled leaving Pitcairn with a power supply solely based on diesel imported from New Zealand. A renewable energy based hybrid system, which would replace 90 % of the diesel fuel currently used, is considered technically feasible and financially viable. It would allow reducing the island’s electricity tariffs and enhance Pitcairn’s energy security and its attractiveness as an eco-tourism destination.

At the core of the renewable energy feasibility study are intensive consultations with the local community. Given the small size of the population, it was feasible to include a high percentage of the community – both permanent island residents and contracted personnel in this process. Two formal consultation workshops have been held: An inception workshop during which objectives, methods, options and constraints were discussed with the community. On the final day of the mission, a validation workshop was held, during which the consultant presented the main findings and recommendations of the fieldwork. Recommendations were based on international best practices but also considered the specific legal and regulatory frameworks that are in place in Pitcairn. Stakeholders were encouraged to provide feedback and views on OCTA Innovation’s short-term expert’s findings and recommendation to be incorporated into the feasibility report.

Feasibility study on renewable energy in Pitcairn was done by OCTA Innovation and Gerhard H. Zieroth, short-term expert.

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