Creating healthy recipes

Creating healthy recipes


Three school canteens – one in each of New Caledonia’s provinces – are at the centre of  implementation of a 18-month pilot project for the country signed between the OCTA Executive Committee and the European Commission. The project is in line with government initiatives to build the competitiveness of the agricultural sector and establish inter-branch organisations such as Cap Agro NC in the agro-food sector. Links between farmers, food processors and restaurant managers will be strengthened through the use of local produce in the canteens.

Cap Agro will implement the pilot. The organisation is a cluster of nine enterprises operating in the food processing sector with a mission is to improve the competitiveness of its members, strengthen the market share of local products, promote food self-sufficiency and build cooperation with other public and private actors. Cap Agro has already successfully managed projects with an extensive level of stakeholders’ engagement and involvement.


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