Creative industry in British Virgin Islands

Creative industry in British Virgin Islands

Several meetings have been done in British Virgin Islands to discuss different sectors.

  • Television, radio, music and digital media. A TV/radio campaign and industry workshops have been considered a solution to improve this sector.
  • Heritage, museums, theatres. Being BVI the unique Caribbean island with its own history, that could be used as a strengthen for the development of its creative industry. More local books could be placed in schools, considering that youth is a new important path for the growth. Furthermore, fund rising could give the opportunity to implement some other activities to create curiosity around people as the production of short promoting videos to be published on social media or creating sound and light presentations.
  • Fashion, local and traditional crafts. Even if there is some indigenous material in the island and the younger generation’s interest is growing in this sector, there is a lack of awareness about the crafts, design and theatre that takes to the risk of losing traditional craft skills. These issues could be solved through a greater implementation of these topics in the scholar sector, creating e-commerce siting in order to develop international promotion and develop incubators/co-working space.
  • Design and culinary. The design sector should organize a trade show on housing for the business sector and make representations to the government to adopt the development plan to cover the lack of political will and of the building code. The culinary sector, instead, could organize workshops for the business community and for the general public to improve people’s knowledge about this topic.

All members of the industry that contributed to these brain storming sessions expect to continue this planning exercise with the technical assistance of OCTA in order to develop a complete Development Strategy for the creative and cultural industries of BVI.

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