Creative industry in Curaçao

Creative industry in Curaçao

Creative industry agenda in Curaçao is very diversified including every kind of events from cultural to food and from musical to film that attract people as Carnaval and Harvest festival, Curaçao Culinair, Curaçao North Sea Jazz and Curaçao International Film festival Rotterdam.

It has been recognized that in many areas of the creative skills, there is a significant potential to develop a subcontracting services to the European expecially to Dutch companies. Namely many creators have been educated in Holland, some have started their carrier there and the cost of creative services performed in Curaçao is highly competitive with a similar job done in the Netherlands.

Two-days technical assistance was an efficient step in generating discussion between the players of the creative and cultural industries. The general consensus was that Curaçao needs to develop a Cultural policy in order to establish the priorities and to define where to concentrate the efforts such as in developing the education and certification, supporting growth of existing and start-ups.

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