Curaçao Innovation Action Plan

Curaçao Innovation Action Plan

Curaçao made an excellent job in the period of establishing its innovation strategy. Particularly it was great job of organizing consultations via multiple working groups consultation work for each sector of importance for the economy and the wide society of Curacao. Innovation strategy has been developed afterwards. Curaçao made its innovation policy. The innovation action plan is on the discussion. Innovation Director Fiona Curie is making great job in this progress moving from strategy to policy and to this short- and long-term action plan.

The main goal is to promote sustainable economic development by stimulating innovative projects and processes that should strengthen business activity, stimulate economic diversification and improve regional competitive advantage and the competitive position of Curacao.

Government of Curaçao must facilitate and stimulate innovation and does this by:

  • Providing of facilities, knowledge and capacity;
  • The mitigation of entry barriers, exist barriers and growth barriers to entrepreneurs and businesses;
  • Making property rights accessible and enforce law.

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