Drink a cactus in Bonaire!

Drink a cactus in Bonaire!

The Cadushy Distillery is the only distillery on Bonaire and produces the best cactus liquor of the island. This Distillery is a family-owned and operated business.

Basically the cactus is peeled and the membrane just underneath the outer skin cut into strips and put into an aluminum baking pan. The pan of peel is transferred to a dehydrator where it bakes in the sun for two days. Islanders traditionally use dried peel to make cactus tea, soup and as a natural remedy, but the Cadushy distillery combines the strips with yeast and sorghum, the only grain that grows on the arid isle. After two weeks the mixture is distilled twice and becomes the 80 proof alcohol base of all Cadushy products, particularly the cactus liquor.

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