Education in Greenland: Arctic Technology Centre, ARTEK

Education in Greenland: Arctic Technology Centre, ARTEK


Arctic Technology Centre, ARTEK, was formally established in 2000 to educate Greenlandic and Danish engineering students in Arctic technology. The centre is a joint venture between Teknikimik Ilinniarfik, KTI, (Tech College Greenland) in Sisimiut and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby while organisationally part of the department of Civil Engineering (DTU BYG).

The centre is financed by funds from the Government of Greenland, private foundations and DTU. ARTEK also runs courses and seminars about arctic conditions and contributes to research and guidance into Arctic technology.

ARTEK has within the last 10 years established and consolidated itself as a central, international player within educating and researching in relation to the global climate changes. The latest development in Greenland and the multifaceted challenges the country is facing related to the upcoming mining and quarrying, increases the need for “know-how” within Arctic technology. In relation to that, ARTEK has in collaboration with the Greenlandic government and other stakeholders started a strengthening of the Centre’s activities, based upon “Vision125”. Vision125 implies the establishment of a new technical university centre in Sisimiut, which will be developed into an international centre of excellence for technical education and Arctic technology. DTU and the Greenlandic government is responsible for the deployment of the new centre.

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