Equine viruses in the West Indies

Equine viruses in the West Indies

The equine industry is having an increasing economic impact worldwide nowadays. Equines in the West Indies are used for recreational purposes, tourism industry, racing and agriculture or can be found in feral populations. With the rapidly changing nature of infectious diseases, knowledge on equine diseases (some with zoonotic potential) in a certain area plays a pivotal role in designing biosecurity measures. Little is known in the Caribbean basin about the prevalence of some major equine infectious diseases.

We are very proud of the scientific work of Dr Teresa Leslie, Doctor in Biological Anthropology, one of the key innovation stakeholders in Sint-Eustatius. Please find herewith attached the article Detection of West Nile Virus and other common equine viruses in three locations from the Leeward Islands, West Indies which illustrates how vector control needs to have an integrated approach and needs an interdepartmental effort.

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