The Evolution of Waste Management on St Helena

The Evolution of Waste Management on St Helena

Most recently a draft Waste Management Policy has been developed, ready for public consultation. The policy identifies waste management as an opportunity to develop the ecology, infrastructure and economy of St Helena, and also an opportunity to strengthen the branding of the sustainable island.
The Policy aims to make provisions for the development of medium to long term goals to deal with the waste that is produced on the Island, in a manner that is efficient and sustainable, in order to maintain a good quality of life for residents and visitors, promote economic development and bring benefit to the environment of St Helena, now and in the future.
To achieve the aims and objectives of the policy, the following actions will be undertaken:

  • To embed the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in all aspects of decision making throughout the Island.
  • To promote existing reduce, reuse and recycle activities and encourage and support the development of new initiatives.
  • Conversion of organic waste into energy and/or compost.
  • Design and deliver environmentally benefitting waste management projects.
  • Ensure that unavoidable landfilling of wastes that cannot be reduced, reused, recycled or treated, or is hazardous, is managed in a manner which does not significantly impact on public health or the natural environment.

Evolution of Waste Management on St Helena

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