EYE for new entrepreneurs

EYE for new entrepreneurs

Enterprise St. Helena (ESH) has been explaining to new business entrepreneurs the benefits of becoming an Erasmus Young Entrepreneur (EYE). This European Union funded programme offers new entrepreneurs an opportunity to improve their business acumen in another EU Member State. The business community in St. Helena sees the recent completion of a new airport as opening new export opportunities.

EYE offers mentoring placements of between 1-6 months in another Member State. Applicants must meet all of the following:

  • They must have been in business for less than three years;
  • They should wish to travel to another EU member state;
  • They must have drawn up a comprehensive business that includes: details of services/products, a thorough analysis of the market, an analysis of competitors, a financial plan with estimated expenses and income over a two-year period and a break-even analysis. 

The programme has no deadline.

Initial interest in EYE in St. Helena was shown by tourism operators and the enterprising owner of ‘Deviouss’, a lingerie company.


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