Falkland Islands Government: Innovation Strategy

Falkland Islands Government: Innovation Strategy


Following adoption of the Falkland Islands Innovation StrategyHon. Michael Poole, MLA, the Innovation Advisory Board Member; MLA Portfolio Holder of Innovation and the Chair of the Falkland Islands Innovation Council noted:

As an internally self-governing Overseas Territory of the UK, the Falkland Islands has seen a number of structural changes to its economy over recent decades. Both the Islands private and public sectors have had to adapt to significant economic growth and a widening economic base. The traditional industry of agricultural has been added to by commercial offshore fisheries, both cruise and land-based tourism, and the potential for offshore oil extraction in the coming years. This historic growth, development and self-sufficiency would not have been achieved without innovation and resilience.

However, with globalisation and increasing pressures on resources, no country can afford to stand still. It is to this end that the Falkland Islands Government, in partnership with the local private sector, adopted and endorsed an Island-wide innovation strategy in  early 2016. This strategy looks to enable and embed innovative thinking across key institutions. The strategy is necessarily high level; it does not have all the answers and does not purport to. Innovation by its very nature can be difficult to codify and quantify, but you know it when you see it and we hope that this strategy is one small step towards continuing the Islands long history in this field”.  Hon. Michael Poole, MLA

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