Food of the future

Food of the future


Dutch chef and author – and former farmer and urban planner – Lars Charas, is specialised in food of the future. His mission is to find solutions for the world’s food issues. He wants to make sure that future generations can enjoy enough healthy, tasty food reflecting the different cultures across the world.

Lars believes that you have to start at the consumer end of the food chain. He is hence working with a growing global network of 50 chefs to build a culinary movement – the ‘Feeding Good Movement,’ of chefs, cooks and foodies – to find culturally accepted solutions for the question ‘how to feed the planet in the future’. 

“Chefs and cooks are the ultimate agents of change. Chefs themselves are professional consumers who are highly embedded in food cultures and in such able to seduce consumers to change diets,” he says.

His latest book, ‘Future food cultures – Recipes for a healthy planet’, tackles some of the issues to consider in feeding the planet in a sustainable manner: a growing population, fossil foods, natural habitats and biodiversity, nutrients, agricultural land, climate, crop diversity, pollution, the right to food, ethical practices and health.


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