A catalogue of copyright holders for the Caribbean

A catalogue of copyright holders for the Caribbean

Dr. Keith Nurse, a Caribbean Expert and Senior Research Fellow at the University of the West Indies (Barbados), is leading an initiative to create a database and catalogue of copyright holders in the Caribbean and their works. The aim is to make the purchase of Caribbean music by global distribution platforms more attractive.

He says that the catalogue will facilitate negotiations between global music platforms such as ‘Apple’ and ‘Spotify’ and Caribbean artists and production companies.

“The wider we can make the database and catalogue, the better. We are working on developing one for music and there is one already forming for Audio/Video,” he says.

He suggests that Overseas Countries and Territories could participate in such region-wide initiatives.

Dr. Nurse adds that more data on the creative industry in the Caribbean is needed to assist applications for funding for the region’s cultural sector. “The data sets are very spotty and capture only limited information. For example, we have no data on employment. In most countries, we have data on employment by sector but not for the cultural sector,” says Dr. Nurse.

The catalogue and database are vital if Caribbean cultural products are to gain a bigger share of the global market.

“The supply-push approach (i.e. generating more content) will not address the problem of market access/entry which is the key challenge. What is required is a demand-pull approach that can facilitate market penetration,” he says.

“The database/catalogue can also be linked to other initiatives like incubators/accelerators to facilitate market access/entry,’ adds Dr. Nurse.

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