AQUA Montserrat launches volunteer holidays

AQUA Montserrat launches volunteer holidays


AQUA Montserrat, the company running aqua sports and conservation-themed aquatic activities in Montserrat, is launching volunteeer holidays – AQUA Blue. The bespoke packages are available to groups of six participants, and include accommodation, local travel and food (excluding flights). Prices start at £700 per week whereas four week packages start at £2,500 per person.

These all-inclusive experiences are for individuals from around the world, ranging from gap year students to those in between jobs or research students interested in business administration, sustainable development and tourism, or  those just wanting to have fun!

“We are uniting ocean conservation, communities and sustainable travel, into one memorable holiday experience,” says Veta Wade, owner of AQUA Montserrat.

The company relies on volunteers to fund its work and welcomes those from a range of backgrounds, such as pro/recreational free divers, (some may be completely new to diving), swim instructors, marine ecologists and conservationists, lifeguards, outdoor educators, underwater photographers or videographers. A blue volunteer holiday package covers everything from free diving, outdoor education, ocean conservation, project leadership, and Montserrat culture.

Volunteers are trained in snorkeling and free diving, next spending two weeks learning to identify the key marine species in Montserrat’s waters, learning about Montserrat, its culture and assisting in delivering community outreach programmes specifically aimed at the island’s youth culture.

Once they have passed all the tests, they join the AQUA team patrolling the coral reef, identifying and removing marine debris and invasive species like Lionfish, and supporting the popular ocean kids club, Fish N Fins!. Fish N Fins is Montserrat’s club for 7-14 year-olds for aquatic sports, but also preservation of Montserrat’s coral reefs and culture.

The profits from the volunteer packages are pumped back into the business and used to fund a range of projects /events such as free scholarships for the local children to learn to swim snorkel and protect the ocean.

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