Aruba launches the smart community

Aruba launches the smart community

A sustainable neighbourhood of twenty homes is currently being developed in the center of Aruba. The Smart Community started mid-April, and is being built in cooperation with public stakeholders, private companies and the Aruban government.
“The Smart Community is the first step on the road towards sustainable living in Aruba. This project is sustainable and innovative. Not only because we are looking for new methods and materials, but also because we are working in cooperation with a whole range of partners. It is really unique to bring private and public partners together with the purpose to develop methods that will contribute to sustainable living in the future.” With these words, the CEO of the Aruban public housing foundation (FCCA), Peter van Poppel summarized the vision behind the project. The current partners in the project are the Government of Aruba, FCCA, Utilities Aruba NV, WEB Aruba NV, NV ELMAR, SETAR NV and Caribbean Branch Office TNO. Smart Community Aruba also provides opportunities for local and international companies and research institutes to test specific innovations.

Discover more details on Prime Minister website as well as on TNO website.

Octa Innovation Website
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