Aruba – Mobile Tech Lab

Aruba – Mobile Tech Lab

Imagine a Mobile Tech Lab where Aruban students have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience with programming and latest tech gadgets like 3D-printing, robot arms and VR-glasses. Knowledge that is very important in the creation of the vision of Aruba to become a sustainable society. This is not an imagination anymore, the TSI-project proposal of OCTA together with the Government of Aruba will fund such a Mobile Tech Lab.

Students with access to 3D printing devices, computer programming kits, learn hands-on practical lessons that helps them gain a fuller, lasting grasp of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts (STEM). Kids not only learn skills they need to achieve success in school but also beyond the classroom. Of course it is also very fun for students to work with these tech gadgets.

The Mobile Tech Lab project is designed by the Bureau of Innovation of the Ministry of General Affairs, Sustainable Development, Innovation and Science for both elementary – as well as secondary level afterschool programs. When students step into the Tech Lab they will learn a range of skills and participate in practical courses and programs.

This Mobile Tech Lab is not only important for the students, it also raises awareness on the island about technology and how technology contributes in creating a sustainable society.

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