Curaçao Film Institute Signs Historic MOU With Fabien Cousteau

Curaçao Film Institute Signs Historic MOU With Fabien Cousteau

WILLEMSTAD – In its efforts to develop the local film, television, and digital media industry the Curaçao Film Institute (CFI) has signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding with the renowned filmmaker and ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau to bring his oceanographic institute, the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center (OLC), to Curaçao.

Fabien Cousteau’s grandfather was the world-famous ocean explorer, filmmaker and conservationist Jacques-Yves Cousteau, inventor of the first aqualung and high-pressure underwater camera. Following in his family’s footsteps, Fabien has launched several exploration missions in order to conserve marine ecosystems. He has produced the CBS documentary Shark: Mind of a Demon and participated in PBS’ Ocean Adventures TV series. In June 2014, he descended off the coast of The Florida Keys to begin Mission 31 with the goal of surpassing his grandfather’s record of spending 30 days underwater to pay homage to his role model. After 31 days of underwater research, Fabien surpassed his grandfather’s record and managed to collect years worth of data in his time underwater. This experience led Fabien Cousteau to establish the Ocean Learning Center to raise awareness, educate, and inform all citizens of the world of ways to protect and preserve the planet’s waters and endangered marine habitats and marine life.

The Curaçao Film Institute, Fabien Cousteau, and Relativity Education have agreed to develop the Fabien Cousteau OLC Underwater Cinematography Program at the Relativity School Curaçao branch campus. Students in this program will have the exclusive opportunity to study the art of underwater filmmaking through the guidance of Fabien Cousteau. They will also have the chance to work on projects such as documenting OLC programs, generating visual content for both marketing and educational purposes, and collaborating on exciting documentary films that Fabien Cousteau is developing.

By utilizing the natural habitat surrounding the island, CFI believes that the combination of the Fabien Cousteau brand, the underwater cinematography school, and CFI’s planned above- and underwater studios, will firmly guarantee Curaçao’s place as an international leader in underwater media production.

(Curaçao Chronicle, Oct 21st, 2016)

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Curaçao’s Connecting the Dots Inspire, Innovate and Accelerate Business Conference is a fact!

Curaçao’s Connecting the Dots Inspire, Innovate and Accelerate Business Conference is a fact!

Curaçao organized the first edition of ‘Connecting the Dots Inspire, Innovate and Accelerate Business Conference’ from October 19 up to 22, 2016.

The conference is a continuation to the ‘Innovate your Business Now’ Innovation seminar for SME’s in Curaçao which was organized earlier this year in on March 23, 2016.

During the ‘Innovate your Business Now’ seminar in March several speakers from the Netherlands and the Caribbean region that have successfully applied innovation in their business (smart, creative and green) got the opportunity to share their story with around 200 participants. In the end, the participants indicated that they would like to hear more stories from local entrepreneurs and also receive more practical information that would help them innovate their business.

As a result, the organizing team came with a 3 full day business conference containing inspiring local and international keynotes in the morning, enlightening workshops in the afternoon and exciting networking events in the evening addressing the theme: Inspire, Innovate and Accelerate. The goal of the conference is to stimulate entrepreneurs of local SME’s and aspiring young entrepreneurs to be more innovative and also grow their business. Another objective is to promote more cooperation between the different stakeholders and connect initiatives.

The platform behind ‘Connecting the Dots’ consists of the Ministry of Economic Development of Curaçao, University of Curaçao, Curaçao Technology and Innovation Institute, Startup Curaçao, Curaçao Investment & Export Promotion Agency, National Platform for Youth Development and the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands in Willemstad.

The opening night of the conference and networking event themed “Our biggest screw ups” started with a bang and you could feel the level of excitement increase as the speakers shared their stories of failure in their entrepreneurial journey with the public. After the eloquent speech by the Minister of Economic Development, 3 local entrepreneurs each with a different story shared their lessons learned from passed mistakes in order to prevent others from making the same errors.

The following days of Inspire, Innovate and Accelerate featured surprisingly great speakers such as the local entrepreneur Ana Freitas Frias from Integra Natural, interactive workshops, creative processes (‘Effectual Idea Lab’ networking event), bonding (creation of a community), new topics like setting up a tech business, fintech, trends and trend watching, challenger marketing, wonderful examples of determination, execution and acceleration (Curaloe, ATECH), dialogue on the creative sector and food industry and new insights and tips like, how every successful entrepreneur needs a ‘hacker’, ‘hipster’ and ‘hustler’ (by Oscar Kneppers).

Curaçao looks back at a wonderful conference with great potential for further development.

For more information visit: or


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Three new products to the market in Curaçao

Three new products to the market in Curaçao

Curaçao wants to develop accelerated support to entrepreneurs with bright ideas (start-ups and existing SME’s) in bringing a new product or service (concept) developed and produced in Curaçao to the local market.

It is projected that a total of three new products will be developed, produced and marketed during 18 months. This idea will contribute to import substitution, employment and eventually export. Curaçao will also learn from experiences how to better provide future support programs for SME’s and innovation.

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Innovation Seminar for SME’s in Curaçao

Innovation Seminar for SME’s in Curaçao

This free seminar was an initiative in collaboration of the Ministry of Economic Development, Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Curaçao Innovation and Technology Institute, Curaçao Investment & Export Dev. Foundation, University of Curaçao, Start Up Curaçao, Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten, and Permanent Representation of The Netherlands.

The participants had the opportunity to exchange expertise and experience with visiting SME’s from the Netherlands and the Caribbean region, that are active in the field of smart, creative, and green technologies.

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to participate in 1-on-1 Speed Dates with these innovators and representatives of other innovation related institutions. These speed dates will gave them the chance to ask questions about topics that are relevant to their business.

Jan Ebbing - Caribbean Branch Office TNO Topic: SME Innovation Platforms — at Centrale Bank Van Curacao

Jan Ebbing – Caribbean Branch Office TNO
Topic: SME Innovation Platforms — at Centrale Bank Van Curacao

For pictures about this event, visit VNW – Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland in Willemstad.

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Climate Change at the OCTs

Climate Change at the OCTs

Climate change does not affect all nations and countries equally. Most of the OCTs and small island states are at the forefront and directly subjected to the array of climate change effects. From raising sea levels, to ever increasing hurricanes. But OCTs are taking initiative.

OCTs are also at the forefront of international discussions and innovation on tackling climate change. At the recent COP21 in Paris, many OCTs came with strong proposals and input. From New Caledonia to Greenland, we see numerous direct inputs into the Paris Climate Conference (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – UNFCCC) and side events such as the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015 . These initiatives included several of OCTA Innovation’s Innovation Managers, such as Bran Quinquis.

HE Bernard D. Whiteman, The Prime Minister of Curacao and OCTA Chair, stated that “climate change is a crisis that can be grindingly slowrising sea-levels that gradually erase whole nations and cripple small economies […] We must aim to make a commitment to preventing more global warming, to let our voices be heard in our path to achieving sustainable development, to preserve ancient cultures, present lives and future potential.”

Aruba Prime Minister Mike Eman, OCTA Vice chair, with his actions and speeches, including those at the the United Nations, TEDxBinnenhof and COP21 IREMA, has been widely recognized as leader of OCTs in energy sustainability and Climate Change mitigation and adaptation, presenting islands with an important potential to be green partners.

Shining example of an important OCT initiative that led to cross-OCTs cooperation is the OCTA Sustainable energy roadmap signed in June 2015 at the 1st Energy Summit. The resulting roadmap were inspiration and example of the well organized cooperation and established synergy, and formed the cornerstone of the OCTA actions on renewable energy.

In 2016, OCTA is engaging on climate discussions. ‘Technical Consultative Workshop on Climate Change in OCTs (Brussels, 9-10 February)”, presented a rich and insightful range of discussions. Chaired by Mrs Kedell Worboys (MBE), President of OCTA Executive Committee, the workshop shared practical cases and lessons learnt on mitigating impacts of climate change on islands and set the pace for this work in 2016.


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Ocean Ecopark Curaçao

Ocean Ecopark Curaçao

Ocean Ecopark Curaçao is a holistic project, providing sustainable energy, food, and water solutions. These solutions are based on the use of the cold and nutrient rich deep seawater available just a few kilometers of the coast of Curacao. Ocean Ecopark Curaçao will be developed on 20 to 60 hectares of land adjacent to the airport, and will integrate a range of sustainable solutions, ranging from cooling services to fresh water production to ocean-cooled greenhouses and fish farming.

Initial use of the deep ocean water will be to cool buildings in and around Hato International Airport, providing savings of up to 90% of the electricity typically required for air-conditioning.The park will also host the Caribbean’s first Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plant, allowing the tropical island of Curaçao to use the ocean as a power plant. Ocean Ecopark Curaçao will thus serve as a source of both energy efficiency and sustainable energy power generation.

After extracting the thermal potential for conventional energy applications the deep seawater will then be used by other Ecopark tenants. Greenhouses cooled by means of seawater will enable the production of vegetables and foods (e.g. spinach and leafy greens) that would otherwise not be competitive to grow in Curaçao and are currently imported. The nutrient rich and cool seawater will also enable competitive aquaculture opportunities as has been demonstrated in other places around the world.

Ocean Ecopark Curaçao consists of a strong team of companies and individuals that are coming together to develop this ambitious and innovative project. Bluerise, the project initiator and coordinator, is a Dutch technology provider in the emerging Ocean Thermal Energy market. Bluerise has its beginnings in 2010 at the Delft Technical University with which it holds close contact in the development of the project. Some of the project partners are: Greenvis, district energy specialists; A.Hak, renowned in construction and infrastructure; and Priva, worldwide market leader in climate control systems for greenhouses. The project also counts with the expertise from individuals with over 30 years of experience in the deployment and operations of other deep seawater pipelines around the world.

Ocean Ecopark Curaçao will not only provide financial benefits to the project participants, its clients and tenants but will also provide wider macroeconomic benefits to Curaçao. The project is expected to generate over 400 jobs and will tilt the balance of trade favorably in Curaçao by reducing not only energy consumption but food imports. The combination of research, pre-commercial and commercial activities stemming from the Ecopark will allow Curaçao to become a hub for ocean innovation in the region.

June this year an agreement was signed between Bluerise and the Curaçao Airport board, designating Bluerise as exclusive project developer of the Ocean Ecopark Curaçao. During the past four years, feasibility studies were executed in collaboration with the above mentioned project partners. These studies came out positive. Today, Bluerise is practically ready to continue with the project. However, they still need an adjustment in the ‘Insular Spatial Development Plan Curaçao’, allowing the use for Agro, Energy and Water industry at the destination concerned.

For more information:

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Curaçao eCommerce and Export seminar

Curaçao eCommerce and Export seminar

On October 1st, 2015 Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI) organized an eCommerce and Export seminar. The title of the seminar was: ‘GROW your business with eCommerce & export’. The event was the last in a series of six eCommerce events that were organized for Curaçao’s Ministry of Economic Development.

The eCommerce events are part of the efforts of the Ministry of Economic Development and CITI to boost the uptake of eCommerce by local SME’s. With Curaçao being a relatively small economy, the biggest opportunity for eCommerce lies not in the domestic market, but in the export of goods and services.
Some of the challenges that Curaçao is facing today – issues that CITI is addressing through its eCommerce activities – are the following:
• Suitable online payment solutions are rare and also rarely used;
• Procedures to obtain suitable online payment solutions are complicated.

The main focus of ‘GROW your business with eCommerce & export’ was to combine theoretical and practical information of eCommerce and export in one event. The presenters consisted of a mix of eCommerce experts and online payment solution providers. Also, tips and tricks based on personal experience were shared by successful eCommerce users, such as Twinfield Caribbean (, and Ecocity Projects (

The seminar was aimed to inform and inspire entrepreneurs, but also to gain more insight into their needs and bottlenecks. This was achieved through letting participants fill out an ‘Are you ready for e-commerce?’ checklist.

After the seminar, an eCommerce expo offered the chance to meet one-on-one with experts and payment solution providers and have further questions answered.

The event was attended by a large and enthusiastic audience, promising further developments and growth in the field of eCommerce innovations.

For more information: /

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Curaçao flags EU programme for new business innovation

Curaçao flags EU programme for new business innovation

Fiona Curie, Curaçao’s Innovation Manager, organised on January 12 an information session on ERASMUS for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE).

Budding business people attended the event, organised by the Ministry of Economic Development,
the University of Curaçao, Startup Curaçao and Curaçao Innovation and Technology Institute to find out more about the EU-funded programme that is nurturing business innovation.

EYE provides grants to OCT nationals of €1,100 per month – for up to 6 months – for mentorships with an experienced business entrepreneur in another EU state. Those eligible must either have in place a plan for an innovative business start-up, or have been in business for no longer than 3 years.

Curaçao 3 - EYE

The scheme does not permit a young entrepreneur to be paired with a business in his/her own country. Nationals of the Dutch OCTs, for example, cannot be hosted by a business in the Netherlands.

Fiona Curie published a flyer and was interviewed on radio to spread the word about the event. We are really looking forward to hearing about many more EYE applicants from Curaçao and other OCTs. Applications are via a dedicated European Commission website:

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University of Curaçao is opening a Cisco Networking Academy

University of Curaçao is opening a Cisco Networking Academy

In order to meet a demand for well trained IT-professionals, the University of Curaçao (UoC) is opening a Cisco Networking Academy. The Cisco Networking Academy, hosted at UoC, is planned to be launched in January 2016.
The academy is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, founded by Cisco Corporation. It is an IT skills and career building program that connects students, educators and professionals. The academy does not only provide trained employees to the telecommunication industry; it also aims to meet a high demand for IT support in the tourism, financial, trade, and medical industries among others.
The collaboration between Cisco Corporation and UoC is based on a shared mission to promote innovation and to make a contribution to the technological development of our society.
The Cisco Networking Academy program in Curaçao is aimed at UoC students, and is also available for third parties with a degree on at least MBO level. All teachers are trained and certified as a Cisco Networking Academy Instructor.
UoC has been approved to not only host the Cisco Networking Academy, but also to integrate the course material in its university curriculums.
For more information: Marco-Antonio La Cruz, Cisco Networking Academy Contact
Phone: 599 9 7472158

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