‘Creative Lab Caribbean’ – BIC Award nominee

‘Creative Lab Caribbean’ – BIC Award nominee


During 2016, an initiative has been taken in Curaçao to develop ‘Creative Lab Caribbean’, a private sector web-based network of creative talent to exchange knowledge, know-how, skills and experience in the creative sector across the Caribbean. It is modelled on the success of ‘Creative Lab Curaçao.’

The intention is to develop a Caribbean-wide web of entrepreneurial creativity to inspire and motivate. The umbrella aims to share visions, skills knowledge, guidelines, multi-media support and capacity building across the islands and create both online and off-line assignment opportunities. It intends to reach beyond creative and cultural entrepreneurs to include educational institutes and students.

The ‘Creative Lab Caribbean’ team comprises its founder, Gonneke van den Kieboom, who also launched ‘Creative Lab Curaçao’, Sander van Beusekom, Jip Trommelen and Nevita Mezas.

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