Curaçao’s Connecting the Dots Inspire, Innovate and Accelerate Business Conference is a fact!

Curaçao’s Connecting the Dots Inspire, Innovate and Accelerate Business Conference is a fact!

Curaçao organized the first edition of ‘Connecting the Dots Inspire, Innovate and Accelerate Business Conference’ from October 19 up to 22, 2016.

The conference is a continuation to the ‘Innovate your Business Now’ Innovation seminar for SME’s in Curaçao which was organized earlier this year in on March 23, 2016.

During the ‘Innovate your Business Now’ seminar in March several speakers from the Netherlands and the Caribbean region that have successfully applied innovation in their business (smart, creative and green) got the opportunity to share their story with around 200 participants. In the end, the participants indicated that they would like to hear more stories from local entrepreneurs and also receive more practical information that would help them innovate their business.

As a result, the organizing team came with a 3 full day business conference containing inspiring local and international keynotes in the morning, enlightening workshops in the afternoon and exciting networking events in the evening addressing the theme: Inspire, Innovate and Accelerate. The goal of the conference is to stimulate entrepreneurs of local SME’s and aspiring young entrepreneurs to be more innovative and also grow their business. Another objective is to promote more cooperation between the different stakeholders and connect initiatives.

The platform behind ‘Connecting the Dots’ consists of the Ministry of Economic Development of Curaçao, University of Curaçao, Curaçao Technology and Innovation Institute, Startup Curaçao, Curaçao Investment & Export Promotion Agency, National Platform for Youth Development and the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands in Willemstad.

The opening night of the conference and networking event themed “Our biggest screw ups” started with a bang and you could feel the level of excitement increase as the speakers shared their stories of failure in their entrepreneurial journey with the public. After the eloquent speech by the Minister of Economic Development, 3 local entrepreneurs each with a different story shared their lessons learned from passed mistakes in order to prevent others from making the same errors.

The following days of Inspire, Innovate and Accelerate featured surprisingly great speakers such as the local entrepreneur Ana Freitas Frias from Integra Natural, interactive workshops, creative processes (‘Effectual Idea Lab’ networking event), bonding (creation of a community), new topics like setting up a tech business, fintech, trends and trend watching, challenger marketing, wonderful examples of determination, execution and acceleration (Curaloe, ATECH), dialogue on the creative sector and food industry and new insights and tips like, how every successful entrepreneur needs a ‘hacker’, ‘hipster’ and ‘hustler’ (by Oscar Kneppers).

Curaçao looks back at a wonderful conference with great potential for further development.

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