EU funding for coworking networks

EU funding for coworking networks

Recently published EU call (EAC/S08/2015) on support for creative hubs and co-working spaces for creative industries. Some of OCTs already have coworking (Curaçao, New Caledonia,…) and with possible EU support creative hubs can be idea at all OCTs.

Objectives of the current call:

  • reinforced networks of creative hubs at EU level,
  • strengthened trans-national and cross-sectoral cooperation within the cultural and creative sectors via digital means,
  • enhanced exchanges of experience and best practice between EU creative hubs and between cultural and creative sectors,
  • capacity-building provided to creative hub managers and cultural and creative professionals and entrepreneurs, and
  • lessons and conclusions drawn for further policy making (on innovative business models, innovative schemes etc.).


Application information

Octa Innovation Website
programme européen actualités appel à projet cluster industrie créative Commission européenne

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