Fisheries – making a splash

Fisheries – making a splash


Turks and Caicos is showing potential to innovate in the fisheries sector, namely aquaponics and conch production. Dr. Slattery’s aquaponics combines conventional aquaculture – raising aquatic animals – with hydroponics – cultivating plants in water. This method reduces toxicity caused by animal excretions.

During his mission to TCI, Team Leader, Milan Jezic von Gesseneck also visited a conch farm, the first and only commercial conch farm in the world and mainly export-oriented. In parallel with conch, the farm has potential to produce algae.

The need for improved management of fisheries resources to reduce over-fishing and and the development of shrimp farming as a business venture in a sustainable manner, were discussed  with Dr. John Claydon, Director of the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources.

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