Flagging innovation in the Cayman Islands

Flagging innovation in the Cayman Islands


The green and blue economies, entrepreneurship, knowledge management and the branding and marketing practices of micro and small and medium-sized enterprises will be the focus of OCTA Innovation’s meetings this month with Caymans’ personalities and entities in both the public and private sectors.

The scope for innovation across sectors of the Cayman Islands’ economy and potential support from OCTA Innovation, will be explored by the Team Leader, Milan Jezic von Gesseneck, on mission to the islands from 21st November. The benefits of exchanging best innovation practices between the Caymans with other entrepreneurs and individuals in the region will also be discussed.

OCTA innovation will also extend an open invitation to the Caymans to participate in its initiatives to highlight its achievements and best practices. Bruzz events are an opportunity the Caymans to put the spotlight on their innovations, whereas OCTA Innovation’s Awards draw attention to outstanding individuals and entities in the fields of business, innovation and creativity (BIC) and are another opportunity for Caymans’ promotion.


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