Greenland’s sustainable development

Greenland’s sustainable development

In October 2013 the Council of Nordic Trade Unions and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) undertook series of meetings with stakeholders in Greenland. The objective was to explore perspectives on and expectations for sustainable development, including how political leaders and policy-makers are working to ensure that foreign direct investment will generate positive environmental, social and economic externalities in the coming years.

The consultation took into account the international interest in Greenland’s petroleum, minerals, metals and rare earth resource potential. The authors recommend to strengthen the skills and experience to handle large-scale investments. They advocate for developing investment incentives and business linkage facilitation in not only the extractive sectors but also in other potentially lucrative industries, including Arctic research and development, water and ice, tourism and hospitality, hydropower, sustainable fisheries, information technologies, arts and crafts.

In addition, the Arctic strategy 2011-2020, coordinated by Denmark, gives the political framework for the future.

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