Innovating in business

Innovating in business


Innovation across all business sectors was at the core of several meetings between Milan Jezic von Gesseneck and TCI’s business leaders, including President of the Islands’ Chamber of Commerce, Kyle Smith and Angela Musgrove – Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Invest TCI.

Ms. Musgrove called for synergy between OCTA Innovation and the TCI government programme, Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Ordinance (MSME). Managed by TCI Invest, this programme makes provision for TCI’s Government to provide Concession Orders to qualifying businesses operating in identified priority business sectors. The Concession Orders give the company, or start-up,  specific benefits or reliefs depending on the size of the business.

In tandem with the promotion of business innovation, Angela Musgrove said there was a need to develop intellectual property in TCI.

Young business acumen was the topic of discussion between Milan Jezic von Gesseneck and Sean Bassett and Nekeria John of TCI’s Young Corporate Alliance (YCA). YCA represents young professionals and entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35. Its activities include forging partnerships with private sector bodies and business leaders and organising workshops and lectures to share knowledge and empower the islands’ economic operators. There was discussion of OCTA Innovation’s future support for YCA in the form of two one-day workshops in green business and certification and business accelerators.

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