Innovative ‘app’ for environmental conservation in the Caymans

Innovative ‘app’ for environmental conservation in the Caymans


The Cayman Islands’ Department of Environment (DoE) launched in November 2016 a mobile ‘app’ designed to combine information from its marine enforcement officers with input from the public. It will assist enforcement of laws on both protection of marine and terrestrial species.

SIREN Cayman allows both the public and officials to enter information about sightings of important species and report possible infractions of conservation law. In view of the recent extension of the protected reef shelf around Cayman from 14% to 40%, it will be an extremely useful tool to assist local enforcement officers in policing marine parks.

The app was created with the help of researchers from Bangor University, Wales, United Kingdom. Reports from the public will be combined with the information that comes in from enforcement officers and other important data held by the DoE, such as who holds permits to do what, including the use of fish pots and turtling.

The aim is also to engage the public much more in marine and terrestrial protection.

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