Lettre d’actualités 1/2018 – Curaçao

Lettre d’actualités 1/2018 – Curaçao

How to propel innovation? How innovation to interweave in the economy? How to progress in establishing innovation ecosystem? How to develop optimal innovation supporting instruments? How to implement innovation across all sectors? How to enhance true public private partnership? How to secure sustainability? How to establish priorities? How to use opportunities on the most efficient way? How to optimize use of available knowledge and expertise? How to deal with brain drain? How to optimize capacity building via different ways of blended learning? How to deal with lack of capacities? How to protect heritage? How to use and how to protect natural resources? So many questions and issues to progress with.

In the light of some of these questions and issues, different opportunities and actions are discussed with Ms. Fiona Curie, Innovation Director and with key Curaçao innovation stakeholders this week. Curaçao is one of the best OCTs progressing with innovation policy action plan. Meeting with Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath will be a crucial step to consolidate the action plan.

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