Lettre d’actualités 2/2018 –  Innovation-driven prosperous Curaçao

Lettre d’actualités 2/2018 – Innovation-driven prosperous Curaçao

Curaçao made an excellent job in the period of establishing its innovation strategy. Particularly it was great job of organizing consultations via multiple working groups consultation work for each sector of importance for the economy and the wide society of Curacao. Innovation strategy and policy have been developed afterwards. Currently, Fiona Curie, Innovation Director of Curacao, is making successful progress moving from innovation strategy and policy to the Innovation action plan of Curacao.

Meeting Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath was a great opportunity to talk about the issues of innovation and development and about Smart Island, migration, social inclusion and social innovation. Implementation across all sectors including education, capacity-building both human capacity in general and particularly government capacity-building, wide involvement of the population and Curacao people ownership of building their future were discussed. All of these in a larger context of having an innovation-driven prosperous Curaçao.

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