Lettre d’actualités #8-2018 – Bonaire

Lettre d’actualités #8-2018 – Bonaire

Governor Rijna and his team with innovation pilot project Bonaire AlgaePARC are bringing to Bonaire multiple opportunities for economic diversication as well as university education and capacity-building via three pillars blended learning (3PBL).

We appreciate very much vision of Governor Rijna for the development of his territory and his mission how to implement this vision, and particularly all actions he’s taking for propelling innovation and building economy of Bonaire.

We invite all key stakeholders in Bonaire to secure sustainability of all aspects of development and implementation of the innovation. Namely special attention needs to be given to having structural organisation of innovation for long-term efficient implementation of innovation across all sectors, updating innovation strategy and action plan, and developing innovation policy with associated optimal innovation supporting measures.

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