• NL 3.2018 post Lettre d’actualités 3/2018 – Innovation activities - We are very happy to be in a position to confirm the high intensity actions as this period is fulfilled with different simultaneous innovation initiatives, innovation workshops, events, trainings and missions. Technical assistance was spread in different fields in several OCTs via missions of OCTA Innovation Team Leader, but also short-term experts in the fishery […]
  • NL 2-2018 page Lettre d’actualités 2/2018 – Innovation-driven prosperous Curaçao - Curaçao made an excellent job in the period of establishing its innovation strategy. Particularly it was great job of organizing consultations via multiple working groups consultation work for each sector of importance for the economy and the wide society of Curacao. Innovation strategy and policy have been developed afterwards. Currently, Fiona Curie, Innovation Director of […]
  • NL 2-2018 post Lettre d’actualités 1/2018 – Curaçao - How to propel innovation? How innovation to interweave in the economy? How to progress in establishing innovation ecosystem? How to develop optimal innovation supporting instruments? How to implement innovation across all sectors? How to enhance true public private partnership? How to secure sustainability? How to establish priorities? How to use opportunities on the most efficient […]

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