• NL 20.2018 post Lettre d’actualités #20-2018 – Innovation indicators - We are very pleased having on board another high-quality short-term expert from Trinidad-and-Tobago. We invite you to consider your need for Monitoring and Evaluation support, which will include on-site missions from Allison Francis. Allison is very experienced in Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects; inclusive of the design and implementation of Results-Based Management Frameworks; for example […]
  • NL 20.2018 article 5 Elaboration d’une carte d’e-formation adaptées aux perspectives de développement de Wallis-et-Futuna - Dans le but de faciliter l’intégration des jeunes sur le marché du travail, le gouvernement de Wallis et Futuna a compris qu’il est essentiel proposer une offre de formation en adéquation avec les besoins futurs de ses territoires. Le territoire des îles Wallis et Futuna, pleinement conscient que les difficultés de communication entre enseignants et […]
  • NL 19 post Lettre d’actualités #19-2018 – St Eustache - EU, namely European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development is supporting Overseas Countries and Territories in developing and implementing innovation and creativity for islands’ sustainable growth. In that framework, EU is funding pilot innovation project called Statia Blue. Project is basically using the latest technologies to develop sustainable fishery. The idea behind a smartphone […]

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