• tapis de fleurs bruxelles Offre d’emploi - We are looking for a Brussels-based, bilingual English-French assistant, to work mainly on the communication and event organization project tasks, as well as on the project management. Octa Innovation WebsiteFacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitter
  • NL 26.2018 610410 Lettre d’actualités #26-2018 – Competence building - Competences building is an issue of the crucial importance for having any progress, in any innovation aspect, for all the EU Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs). Competence building and education via blended learning, and particularly via Three Pillars Blended Learning (3P-BL) approach, is the option for the OCTs, but it is also a competence building […]
  • Post EU funding Lettre d’actualités #25-2018 – EU funding - The most recent Innovation days in Montserrat have shown unique features and valuable capacities of this EU OCT and of the people of Montserrat; as well as significant interest in opportunities in participation in EU funded programmes such as different programmes and actions under umbrella of Erasmus +. Some of EU funding opportunities of the […]

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