• NL 15.2018 page Lettre d’actualités #15-2018 - Overseas Countries and Territories are embracing innovation as one the most important drivers of the economy. Montserrat is organizing Innovation Days in August 2018. Focus of the event is very concrete. How innovation will move development of the island, all in line with the latest Montserrat Economic Growth Strategy and Delivery Plan final version issued […]
  • NL 15.2018 art 5 En Nouvelle-Calédonie, le projet «Recette Bénéfique» développe des solutions durables -   L’association Neofood Organisation et le cluster en agro-alimentaire Cap Agro N.C. sont les porteurs du projet “Recette Bénéfique”. L’association Neofood Organisation et le cluster Cap Agro N.C. œuvrent en étroite collaboration avec les acteurs macroéconomiques. L’association Neofood Organisation apporte sa philosophie au service de la cause du « bien-être alimentaire ». Le cluster Cap […]
  • NL 14.2018 Saba mission Lettre d’actualités #14-2018 – Saba mission - Saba Innovation Manager, Menno van der Velde, is working on turning opportunities into the actions primarly strengthening renewable energy capacities and social housing. Menno has also strong influence on nature conservation, marine protection, sustainable fishery, improving organic farming and inspiring a new generation of creativity while reinforcing the values of traditional craftsmanship and art forms. […]

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