Propelling systemic innovation in French Polynesia

Propelling systemic innovation in French Polynesia

Bran Quinquis, Innovation Director for French Polynesia is doing great job in propelling innovation in French Polynesia. Currently the pilot project Ra’O Puha in implementation science in bioconversion of dry coconut residues is in the final stage of completion. This pilot project is a great work on propelling scientific research innovation, and developing business case, but also social innovation for other islands of French Polynesia which has territory spread on more than 100 islands.

This week there is the second edition of the Innovation days (Marché de l’innovation) in French Polynesia. We indeed highly appreciate multifaceted activities that Bran is taking in close cooperation with the OCTA Innovation team for developing the most efficient actions to propel Systemic innovation in French Polynesia.

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Polynésie française actualités Bran Quinquis

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