Sint Maarten delegation visits Statia to purchase cattle

Sint Maarten delegation visits Statia to purchase cattle


Statia has  a surplus of cattle. Loose cattle, which Statia has hundreds of it,  causes many economical and ecological damage. They also pose a safety hazard and impede the development of agriculture and horticulture. On the French part of the neighboring island of St. Maarten there is a shortage of cattle. Recently a slaughterhouse opened that because of the low supply of cattle is not cost effective.

On August 17th the Economic  Affairs Unit at the Dutch Caribbean organized a trade mission which was attended by a delegation from French St. Martin. Agreements have been made about the transfer of cattle, the conditions that are needed for that and a broader cooperation in the field of veterinary issues and cattle breeding. Statia wants an identification and registration system meeting EU standards. St. Martin already has experience with this been since 1993  and wants to offer a helping hand.

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