Street Art Skalo – BIC Award nominee

Street Art Skalo – BIC Award nominee


This highly creative project, nominated for an OCTA Innovation BIC Award, is all about turning the Scharloo Abou, home of Creative Lab Curaçao, into a space where the island’s creativity can flourish. Both local and international artists will use the 30-40 available walls, parks and street locations as their canvas to make murals, installations and sculptures. The overall message of Street Art Skalo is that art and creativity have entrepreneurial and economic value and bring people together in social activity. The innovative project is also organising events such as a kids’ workshop to be held in 2017. Fundashon Rebiba Skalo Abou and Creative Lab Curaçao represented by Marcel Dennert, Nicole van Beusekom, Sander van Beusekom, Gonneke van den Kieboom are the project’s initiators.

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